Work experience

kuwait air ways (from July 2013 to May 2017)
aircraft mechanic in kuwait air ways
syrian air line (from December 1999 to July 2013)
aircraft mechanic and maintenance engineer B2 icao type for A320 and ATR 72
nationa spinning company in syria (from September 1997 to September 1999)
maintenance engineer
muller company in syria (from September 1999 to January 1999)
maintenance engineer


electrical and electronic bachlor degree (from September 1990 to April 1997)
electronics engineering
Curriculum Vitae

Name : S.R. Lal Idamgedara.

Address : 13/121, Siyambalagoda, Polgasowita. Sri Lanka.
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Skype : lal.idamgedara

Present Employment

Since October 2013
As – The Senior Manager, Fabric Technology
At Hirdaramani International (Knit division), Sri Lanka.

Responsibilities –
# Fabric Sourcing & development.
# Heading Fabric technical department – Fabric and Laundry Process.
# closely working with fabric mills – China, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy, and Local
# Brand Specifications – M&S, LEVIS, TESCO, ASDA, COLUMBIA, ASICS, CK /PVH, Adidas……
# Drive the department to meet company KPIs and Changes.
#heading the fabric department with under layer of 60 work force including 10 Fabric Technologists and 8 fabric inspection units.
# heading the Group Accredited laboratory.
# provide Solutions, decisions making for concerns, Set up SOPs, and continues improvements to rectify issues and Continues monitoring of evaluations of suppliers.
#guiding Merchandising heads/units for best routes of fabric sourcing.
# Working closely with Regional Offices, Brand officers, Buyers and Techs
# working with Chemical brands for innovations
# Mill and Laundry Evaluation

Previous Experience :
Since October 2006 to October 2013
As a “Fabric Technologist”
At Next Sourcing Ltd, Buying Office
17th floor East Tower, World
Trade center, Colombo 01
Sri Lanka,

Controlling all aspects of Fabrics and Processing for Woven & Jersey Fabrics from sourcing to shipments

Key responsibilities.
# Fabric base approvals.
# Pre production
# Approve and Review test reports Base & Bulk.
# Bulk fabric approvals and Bulk Wash approvals.
# Shade Band approvals.
# Mill evaluations.
# Laundry Evaluations.
# Print Plant Evaluations.
# Evaluation of garment Vendors
# New fabric Development and New Process Developments.
# educate and update all Raw material suppliers (Mill, Laundry, print plants, garment vendors) regarding EU and NEXT legislation requirements for all product safety
# Introduce new process techniques for UK buying team, dealing with Chemical/Fabric suppliers and Laundries.

Since December 1999- To September 2006
As a “Senior Process Controller”
At Coats Tread Lanka Ltd.
Moragahahena, Horana, Sri Lanka.
# Color approval
# Maintain STD Shade Library with different dye stuffs.
# Increase the efficiency of RFT
# Re matching and converting colors
# Controlling Lubrication application
# Efficiency of re winding unit
# Controlling 50 Labor force
# Controlling RF drying and Hydro Extraction.

Since January 1998 to November 1999.
As the “Executive –Fabric Sourcing & Technical”
At Miami Exports [Pvt] Ltd,
Pitigala, Galle, Sri Lanka,
Specializing - Gents, Baby wear, [i.e. Jackets, Pants, Shorts] for

#Fabric Pre Production & Testing.
#Find new fabric sources and mill Evaluation.
#Fabric inspection.
#Bulk Shade band approvals.
#Controlling Garment washing.
# New wash Developments.

Since February 1996 to December 1997,
As a “Production Executive”
At Pugoda Textiles Lanka limited,
Sri Lanka.
Pre-Treatment, Dyeing & Finishing for Woven fabrics
Since June 1994 to January 1996
As a Development and Production Assistant
At “Osprey Clothing”
Ranala, Sri Lanka Specialized - Garment washing, Garment Dyeing, Denim washes.

Official visits – United Kingdom, India , China

Professional Qualifications : #Successful completion of
“National Diploma in Technology” (NDT)
“Textiles & Clothing Technology”
Conducted by
University of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka.

Educational Qualifications :

1. G.C.E. [O/L] Examination 1987.
D - 6, C - 2
English - D, Mathematics - D.

2. G.C.E.[A/L] Examination 1991.

Applied Maths B
Pure Maths S
Physics C
Chemistry C

Referees: Mr. Harinda De Silva
General Manager – Supplier Chain
Brandix Apparel Solutions Ltd. Welisara
Sri Lanka.
Contact – *****84 + click to reveal
***** + click to reveal

Mr. Hugh McConnell
Director -Technical
Next Sourcing Ltd, East Tower
WTC , Colombo 01 , Sri Lanka
Contact – *****68 + click to reveal
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I hereby certify that mentioned all the details are true and correct to best of my knowledge.

Work experience

Call centre operator (from June 1990
International medical and technical department: customer service; medical repatriation organisation (stretcher, nurse/doctor escort, extra seat, etc) flight arrangements, taxis, car assistance, hotel reservations.


Secondary school (from June 1986
History, philosophy , english, french,


Fluent in English and french, both speaking and writing, native language portuguese. Able to express and understand Sapnish
H.P. (Tandem) NonStop™/NSK SME
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Successful Entrepreneur and Independent Technical Consultant/Team Lead on Mission-Critical/High Availability production
platforms in the Financial Services and Banking (debit, credit and gift cards, ATM, wire transfer, EBT and EFT/POS) and Mobile
Telecommunications Industries

Principal/Independent IT Consultant of International Software Solutions, Inc. – a successful global professional services
company (est. 2000) specializing in systems upgrades/migrations (infrastructure, applications, databases and iLO data centers).

Staff Management and Project Management - with natural leadership, motivational and negotiation skill sets, bringing
immediate value to projects, while mitigating risk and concurrently providing optimal cost/benefit analysis and performance in
fulfilling client C-level management objectives.

Successfully managed several teams of engineers/analysts in Proof of Concept Labs, Technical Field Services and QA.

Demonstrated and quantifiable expertise in systems/subsystem optimization for performance; systems infrastructure and
integration; application optimization and third-party product configurations; software alpha/beta/Q.A. certifications; and
product defect support.

Well-honed oral and written communications skills; detail-oriented, quality-minded, highly-motivated and flexible self-starter;
able to succeed individually, in a matrix or team environment with domestic, international or off-shore development and support.

Previous positions include Technical Field Service Manager, DR/BR Team Lead, NonStop™ (Tandem) SME, Infrastructure Architect,
QA Manager, QA Analyst, Senior Project Manager, Technical Field Engineer, Pre-Sales Support Engineer and Web Services Analyst.

Earned several Customer Service Excellence & Southern District/Southern Regional “Quality First” awards.


GNSC Global NonStop™ Software Solutions Specialist (FTE) 07/15 - Present
Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HPE), Alpharetta, GA
› Daily NonStop™ Systems Software Solutions/Professional Services to worldwide customer base using follow-the-sun schema.
› Tier III worldwide support for 3rd party NonStop™ products, subsystems / applications (Xypro, ETINet, BackBox, etc).
› Center of Excellence (CoE) team member supporting integrated Lights-Out (iLO) test lab data centers (worldwide).
› Systems Administration/Systems Management Instructor (including SPR/NPV upgrades) to GNSC Solutions Specialists.
› Saved company over $200k in tuition and expenses, over the past six months, by volunteering to provide in-house Systems
Administration training to new hires, in addition to my normal daily tasks and responsibilities.

Sr. H.P. NonStop™ Systems Programmer (FTE) 10/13 - 02/15
Comdata/Stored Value Solutions, Louisville, KY
› Daily Systems Administration Team Lead on Enscribe and SQL/MX database maintenance on in-house Gift Card applications.
› Ensured 99.999% up-time on all H.P. NonStop™ (Tandem) production servers in the U.S. and China.
› Saved company >$200k with constant/consistent database partitioning and systems enhancements for production efficiency.
› Configured Golden Gate to bi-directionally replicate between active-active NonStop™ servers and IBM zOS servers.
› Worked with QA Agile/Scrum test team to create and execute automated test cases for SOA and Web Services (SaaS).

Infrastructure Outsourcing Specialist (Contract Consultant) 01/13 - 07/13
Accenture, LLC, Atlanta, GA
› Infrastructure outsourcing/migration implementation planning for Technical Services and Support on H.P. NonStop™ servers.
› Key contributor in the capacity planning, data migration services and automation in support of all debit/credit card in-house
applications; systems performance balancing and tuning.
› Created and managed a new offshore Applications Support team.
› Automation of all NOC operational tasks, via the creation of custom TACL macros, VB scripting and NetBatch+ jobs / calendars.
› Saved company over $100k/month by automating all operations tasks and resources (previously outsourced).

NonStop EFT/POS Solutions Architect (Contract Consultant) 11/12 - 01/13
Walgreens Company, Lincolnshire, IL
› Performed major migration planning for H.P. NonStop™ S-Series to Blade servers running ACI’s Base24-POS application.
› Key contributor in the architectural capacity planning, data synchronization and data migration services in support of all EBT
and EFT/POS applications, including database/query optimization and systems performance tuning.
› Saved company over $200k in Professional Services charges from platform, server and infrastructure vendors.

EBT Capacity Planning and Performance Analyst (Contract Consultant) 05/12 – 11/12
JPMorgan Chase and Co., Tampa, FL
› Key contributor in the architectural capacity planning, data synchronization and data migration of H.P. NonStop™ S-Series to
Blade servers for all EBT and EFT/POS applications, including database/query optimization and systems performance tuning.
› Spent roughly 30-40% of my time working with QA Test team to troubleshoot/test end-to-end EBT OLTP transaction types.
› Designed, built and migrated existing Enscribe tables to new SQL/MX database (tables, schemas and catalogs) and data
synchronization between H.P. NonStop™ servers and back office UNIX/Oracle (ODS) servers – via Golden Gate and MQ Series
(WebSphere). Saved company over $100k in Professional Services / Time & Materials charges from vendors.

Xygate Product Support Analyst (Contract Consultant - APJ Region) 05/11 - 07/11
Xypro Technology Corporation, Simi Valley, CA
› Xygate Security Suite customer support on H.P. NonStop™ servers resulting in 60% reduction in service calls from APJ region.
› Met or exceeded all customer expectations, as required by business protocol and SLA’s, for the Asia-Pacific/Japan region.
› Xygate products included: XAC – Access Control; XMA – Merged Audit; XOS – Object Security; XPC – Process Control;
XPQ – Password Quality; XCM – CMON; XSW – Security Wizard; XSR – Safeguard Reports; XTR – Transaction Router;
XMI – Master Installer; XCF – Configuration Manager; XOA – OSS Access Control; XSM – Safeguard Manager; and others.

Enterprise Service Delivery Consultant (Contract Consultant) 02/10 - 04/11
Hewlett-Packard Company (H.P.), Colorado Springs, CO
› Performed Technical Customer Support/Server Administration on NonStop™ Blade (NB50000c/J06.07.00) servers running
Zero-Latency Data Store (ZLDS) / Operational Data Store (ODS) applications using “NonStop™ Best Practices.”
› Key contributor on a six-person team responsible for day-to-day operation of DirecTV Enterprise environment on NonStop™
NB-16016 servers, which involved consistent and extensive balancing and tuning of the SQL/MX databases.
› Used several DBA tools and utilities (e.g. - SQL Xpress, AutoSync and Partner); a variety of system monitoring tools
(e.g. -Tivoli, Prognosis and MOMI); DRNet and Golden Gate bi-directional data sync; and Xygate data security product suite.

Base24-eps Web Services Software Engineer / QA Analyst (Contract Consultant) 03/08 - 11/09
MasterCard Worldwide, O’Fallon, MO
› Planning, configuration, and implementation services for Base24-eps on six NonStop™ S-Series and NS-Series servers.
› Configuration and integration of Portfolio Viewer into the Base24-eps network to provide client access to real time monitoring
of application, individual transactions, and cardholder account databases. Configured ATM/POS via XPNet and DALci.
› Portfolio Viewer provides web-based GUI access to the Base24-eps Payments Manager DB, and includes Base24-es Desktop
User Interface, ICE-XS, Genesis, SOAP, and SafeTGate. These products provided an SSL/SSH interface to Base24-eps.
› Performed all CSM upgrades, installed all “Code Drops” to Base24-eps; upgraded Base24-eps from version 6.4 to 7.4; spent
many weekends, working with Q.A. to upgrade/test Diebold, NEC, NCR and Triton ATM's in the MasterCard ATM Test labs.

H.P. NonStop™ Systems SME/Working QA Manager (Contract Consultant) 01/07 - 12/07
BIG W (Woolworths, Ltd.), Bella Vista, New South Wales, AU
› Hired by H.P. Australia to perform a NonStop™ Initialization Service (systems configuration, administration & customization
of four NonStop™ NS-16000) servers, with 99.999% uptime SLA on active-active systems (DRNet bi-directional replication).
› Created / managed the QA department; hired QA Analysts; mentored staff in testcase creation for platform and Connex
› Successfully brought ‘Project Breakaway’ to production “go live” in 8 months (12-month project) saving over $800K AUD.
› Client was so impressed with H.P. Initialization Team and overall systems productivity that they immediately purchased (no
bid) a 2nd pair of active-active NonStop™ systems for their Data Warehousing platform (18 months ahead of initial project

Senior Technical Services Engineer (FTE) 09/03 - 11/06
First Data Corporation, Marietta, GA
› System Administration of two 16-processor NonStop™ S-Series (S86012/S88004) hybrid servers and one 16-processor
NonStop™ K-Series (K20016) server (on a network of fifteen large K and S-Series systems). One scheduled 4-hour outage
was allowed per year.
› Performed system and OS upgrades, enclosure/disk storage add-ons and upgrades, SQL table partition moves / expansions.
› Managed DR/BR team - was instrumental in maintaining a departmental SLA of 99.999% uptime on all production platforms.
› Team lead for all NonStop™ Business Continuity and Business Recovery/Resumption testing at the SunGard Availability
Services site in Alpharetta/Philadelphia. Responsible for all NonStop™ system balancing, tuning and capacity planning.
› Saved company over $400k in systems upgrades and data center consolidations.

HP NonStop™/Stratus Continuum Systems Software Specialist (Contract Consultant) 10/01 - 09/03
Commerce Bancshares, Inc., Kansas City, MO
› Wire Transfer Migration Team Lead (from NonStop™ CLX to S7604 servers/ACI MoneyNet to Logica BESS applications);
responsibilities included requirements gathering, creating and performing QA test cases and SysAdmin / DBA functions on all
NonStop™/ Stratus servers.
› Performed all design, software/application configuration, implementation, testing and troubleshooting for migration;
designed and developed functional specifications for new platform(s); procured all hardware and software products for same.
› Led all Tandem, Stratus and Wintel DR/BR test teams at Sungard Availability Services site in Alpharetta/Philadelphia with a
100% success rate, saving the company over $200k and 140 man-hours.

Senior Network Engineer/Project Manager (Contract Consultant) 12/99 - 09/01
Sprint PCS, Lenexa, KS
› Working INS Lab Manager over two teams of fifteen Network Engineers responsible for the Telcordia Integrated Service
Control Point (ISCP/ASMS) platform on the Extended Line, Wireless Office and Voice-Activated Dialing (VAD) projects.
› Performed platform System Administration, test case development, and end-to-end call-processing regression testing (using
CDMA, TDMA and GSM handsets, INET protocol analyzers, and customized Tekelec MG/TS traffic generator scripts).
› Performed platform acceptance, system security, and network element troubleshooting between (Lucent/Nortel MSC’s,
Lucent SHLR/WSCP, Sun E450 iPlanet Provisioning Servers, Telcordia ISCP/ASMS, Tekelec Eagle STPs).
› Designed / developed a 500+ page Test Requirements Document (TRD), from several Functional Requirements Documents
(FRD), for the Telcordia-based Extended Line and Wireless Office projects, then promoted to the role of Project Manager.
› Also responsible for the Systems Technology/Integration Center (ST/IC Lab) Vendor/Project Management - communicating
project status to all internal/external stakeholders - Lucent, Motorola, Nortel, SUN, IBM and Telcordia - via daily status
conference calls.
› Saved company over $300k - $500k by meeting PMI triple Constraint (on time, within budget with highest quality) ensuring
first to market with all three projects.


Southeast (U.S.) District Quality First Award
Southern Region Quality First Award
District Support Engineer of the Year
Exemplary Customer Service Awards
Exceptional Employee Performance Awards


Business Administration (AAA) – Heights College, Ottumwa, Iowa
Computer Maintenance (AAS) - Indian Hills Community College, Centerville, Iowa
Computer Information Science (BS/CIS) - Tampa College, Tampa, Florida


All Tandem Computers, Inc. TSCP-2000 Application Configuration
Systems and Peripherals Hardware Administration and Maintenance Course
Tandem Software Education Tandem Software Education
Cupertino, CA and Reston, VA Cupertino, CA and Plano, TX

Ungerman-Bass LAN/WAN Operations, H.P. NonStop™ Himalaya DSM/SCM
Administration & Maintenance Course Tandem Software Education
Tandem Hardware Education Cupertino, CA and Plano, TX
Reston, VA

ANSI C Programming Course Tandem NonStop™ System Internals
Tampa College Tandem Systems Support Group
Tampa, FL Reston, VA and Cupertino, CA

Project Management Professional MQ Series Programming Course
George Washington University US West Telecommunications
Kansas City, KS Denver, CO

Adobe Creative Suite 3.0 JAVA Programming Course
Adobe Systems, Inc. Sprint University of Excellence
San Jose, CA Kansas City, KS

TACL Programming Course Xygate Data Security Product Suite
Tandem Software Education Xypro Technology Corporation
Dallas, TX Simi Valley, CA

Home Location Register (HLR) Application Tandem ERAD/EMS Subsystem
Installation / Maintenance Course Integration and Programming Course
Tandem Telecom Network Services Tandem Telecom Network Services
Omaha, NE Plano, TX

Connex Application Operations, SQL/MP and SQ/MX Query Essentials
Administration and Maintenance for Performance Course
eFunds Corporation HP Software Education
Scottsdale, AZ Santa Clara, CA

SQL/MP and SQ/MX (RDBM) Tandem Product Defect Support
Database Management Course Engineering Internship
HP Software Education Tandem Online Support Center
Santa Clara, CA Austin, TX

SQL/MP and SQ/MX Database Integrated Service Control Point (ISCP)
Query Design for Performance Operations and Maintenance Course
HP Software Education Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA Piscataway, N.J.

Base24 Application - XPNet Operations, DRNet Application Operations,
Administration and Maintenance Course Administration and Maintenance Course
Applied Communications, Inc. (ACI) Network Technologies, Inc. (NTI)
Omaha, NE Aurora, OH

Prognosis Application Operations, Info24 Application Operations,
Administration & Maintenance Course Administration and Maintenance Course
Integrated Research Applied Communications, Inc. (ACI)
Englewood, CO Omaha, NE

ENGIN/authENGIN GoldenGate Data Synchronization Application
M2 Systems Corporation Administration and Maintenance Course
Maitland, FL Oracle Corporation
Boulder, CO

Tuxedo and WebLogic Oracle AGILE/Scrum Master Training
BEA Systems, Inc.
Boulder, CO Online Training

Base24-eps Application Operations, ShadowBase Administration and Maintenance Course
Administration & Maintenance Course Gravic, Inc.
Applied Communications, Inc. (ACI) Malvern, PA
Omaha, NE

iTP Webserver / Helion (Cloud Services) Open Systems (OSS) / OpenStack
H.P.E. Software Education H.P.E. Software Education
H.P.E. Online Training H.P.E. Online Training

NonStop SOAP 4.0 Java Servlets / Java Applets
H.P.E. Software Education H.P.E. Software Education
H.P.E. Online Training H.P.E. Online Training
Contact Information

The Church of Pentecost
Shekinah Temple Comm. 7

Date of Birth:
Mobile: *****70 + click to reveal / *****70 + click to reveal
*****52 + click to reveal / *****70 + click to reveal
E-Mail: ***** + click to reveal
***** + click to reveal

28th July 1973
To increase shareholder’s value and maximize profit through continual improvement, leading to safe operational efficiencies and maximum utilization of the available resources.
Career Objective
To avail myself to a challenging position that challenges my competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience.
Technical Strength
• Have had basic experience on programmable logic control (PLC), low and high voltage switchgears, star/delta starters, direct on line starters, liquid resistance starters, soft start starters, drivers, and, ac and dc motors, relays, contactors, sensors, temperature controllers, pressure switches, generators, compressors, , Extruders, thermoformers, Copper/ Aluminium drawing, Stranding, Annealing/Tinning ,Aerial /Wire bundling machines
• Experienced in identification and rectification of Automation /Controls problems
• Expert in plant Maintenance (preventive, corrective, breakdown maintenance etc.)
• Developed expertise in panel design, wiring and troubleshooting.
• Expertise in material cost estimate to reduce variance
• Have had hands on experience on various automation and instrumentation equipment and appliances in a typical production environment.
• Ability to work under pressure, long hours to achieve result without supervision.
• Willing to learn more on technical field and management skills.

Management Strength
• Have had adequate knowledge on inventory management and stock control
• Ability to work in a team and ensure industrial harmony to achieve set objectives.
• Effective management with available resources to save cost
• Ability to write management reports and present same within limited time constraints
• Ability to develop policies and procedures to enhance work outflow
• Ability to Manage third party contracts to meet deadlines and achieve set targets
• Expertise in budget preparation and presentation
• Ability to use Enterprise Resource Planning software to manage systems, example BPRS, ADONIX and ebiz frame


Maintenance Manager- Reroy Cables Ghana Ltd. Tema- June 2016 to Date
 Ensure effective application of safety management systems (SMS) include LOTO.
 Established safe working procedures in the area of responsibilities to keep the number of accident to the minimum.
 Ensure quality of machines maintenance is achieved to meet production target.
 Report weekly and monthly maintenance activities and breakdowns during management meeting.
 Ensure availability of spare parts using ERP (ebiz frame) system.
 Planning and execution of preventive, annual and condition monitoring maintenance program for all machinery and equipment in the factory.
 Manage existing and new project undertaken by the company.
 Outsource qualified contractors to service company vehicles, generators, and forklifts.
 Preparation of annual engineering budget.
 Prepare and submit comprehensive periodic report on all major breakdowns and indicating causes and solutions to the problems.

Electrical Engineer -Fresh Pak- Cape Coast- March 2015 to May 2016
 Liaise with ECG on billing and fault issues to ensure good power intake and efficient power usage.
 Installation of new Electrical and Electronic equipment and machinery to standard.
 Planning all electrical maintenance schedule's both breakdown and preventive maintenance to ensure minimal downtime on extruders, Thermoformers, reclaims, shape molding and other production equipment.
 Programming of AC and DC speed drives, programmable logic control (PLC), Controllers and other programmable devices on extruders and thermoformers.
 Liaise with the production department to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the machinery.
 Assign daily activities to electrical teams and ensure all electrical safety precautions are adhere to.
 Provide on job training for electrical team, production supervisors as well as operators where necessary.
 Ensure the effective usage of electricity in the company.
 Develop specifications and supervise the procurement of spare parts both locally and nationally.
 Supervise and used schematic diagrams to solve electrical problems on machinery.
 Prepare annual maintenance /spare parts budgets.
 Design and Build electrical circuits for new panels for production machinery.
 Report on activities and planned work schedule during management meeting.

Sen. Elect / Maintenance Engineer- Crown Cans Gh Tema April 2006 to March 2015
 Ensure effective application of safety management systems (SMS).
 Established safe working procedures in the area of responsibility to keep the number of accident to the minimum.
 Implementation of Log out and tag out (LOTO).
 Ensure that quality of machines maintenance is achieved to meet production target.
 Support all production lines to solve or troubleshooting electrical and instrumentation and PLC problems.
 Ensure availability of spare parts using ADONIX software systems.
 Ensure that preventive, corrective, annual and breakdown maintenance are carried out effectively
 Used production report manual to generate preventive maintenance.

Senior Electrical Technician Engineers / Acting Electrical Engineer - AGC-Obuasi July 2002 to March 2006 / March 2002 to June 2002

 Ensure that technicians team members are disciplined and fully understand all Electrical /Instrumentation circuits diagrams for power and control systems.
 Solve Electrical /Instrumentation problems on Drives, PLC (I/O), controls and power systems.
 Support Electrical Superintendent to coordinate shift pattern and manage staff.
 Involvement in planning and executive of preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, breakdown and annual maintenance.
 Providing training for Junior members of the team.
 Prepare shift report and ensure effective handover & Solve technical problems during shift.
 Worked on Compressors, Elution heaters, Burners, Liquid resistance starter, Air circuit breakers, Electro winging cells, Rectifiers, Kiln, CIL units, Biox, 11kv air blowers, wiring of electrical panels, transformers.
 Ensure proper training for technicians on shift to upgrade their technical knowledge to solve problems on time.
 Organize and manage breakdown effectively.

Electrical Shift Foreman- AGC - October 2001 to February 2002
 Initial training organize to understand the function of the machine's in the factory at AGC training school.
 Training on selection of cables, reading of circuit diagrams and support day members to carried out maintenance and breakdowns.
 Used maintenance schedule's to maintain equipment’s on daily basis.


Sept 2008 to Nov 2010 All Nations University College-Koforidua
BSc (Hons) Electronics & Communication Engineering
2nd Class Upper Division
Oct 1998 to Sept 2001 Cape Coast Polytechnic-Cape Coast
HND Electrical / Electronics Engineering
2nd Class Upper Division
Sept. 1993 to Sept.1994 National Service (JHS) Dunkwa-on- Offin

Keys of success
Integrity & Ethics, Leadership, Teamwork, Training, Recognition, communication, continuous improvement.

Training / Workshops Attended
1. Basic Programmable Logic Control (PLC) involving
• The Architecture of PLC’S
• Communication & Networking
• Instruction Set Programming
• Trouble Shooting on Basic PLC System

2. Advance Programmable Logic Control (PLC) involving
• Sensor Applications & Construction
• Choosing, Installation & Commission of PLC Systems
• Ladder Program Development
• Programming PLC’S

Management Courses

• Supervisory Skills
• Communication & Interpersonal Skills
• Leadership & Teambuilding
• Managing Time Management
• Maintenance Management
• Internal Quality Management Systems-QMS (ISO 9001: 2000)

Vice President: Sickle Cell Association of Ghana (Tema Branch)

Welfare Chairman: Crown Cans Ghana


 Cycling / Running
 Reading
 Listening to Gospel and cool Music


Mr. Eben Owusu- Badu Mr. Samuel Kwapong Mr. Alexander Asare
Crown Cans Ghana Ltd FreshPak Products AngloGold Ashanti Ltd
Head of Operations General Manager Electrical Superintendent
Processing Plant Processing Plant Processing Plant
Industrial Area, Tema Elmina Cape Coast Obusai Mines
Tel: *****86 + click to reveal Tel: *****65 + click to reveal Tel: *****15 + click to reveal
Civil Engineering, Curriculum Structures (Master)

Work experience

Civil Engineering, Curriculum Structures (Master) (from May 2005


Old Degree in Civil Engineering, Curriculum Structures (Master) (from October 1995 to April 2003)