MBA (from March 2006
Master in Human Resources
Hey there, I am Emily Wilkins. I am based in Brisbane QLD. Thank you for looking at my profile - Emily
Hey there, I am Nicole Tullo. I am based in Melbourne VIC> Thank you for looking at my profile - Nicole

Work experience

Safety Coordinator (from February 2015 to March 2017)
Oversee all OHS Reps. Manage and maintain risk assessments and registers including hazards and corrective actions. Order and maintain safety supplies/stock including all PPE used onsite. Many other safety related duties. Previous roles were injury management coordinator and managing workers compensation claims.


Certificate 4 in Work Health and Safety (from February 2015 to January 2016)
Overview of safety legislation
Highly skilled HSSEQ Leader with 17 years experience from the Services, Construction, Defence and Transport sectors, employed by Tier 1 Contractors. I've recently started the process of applying for the 190 state sponsored skilled visa for New South Wales via Global Migrate
Dear Recruitment Manager,
I am passionate about delivering positive business results through contemporary people practices.I believe that people are an organisation’s true competitive advantage and that an engaged and capable workforce will set a business up for success, I am passionate about building this engagement and capability. I am extremely confident that I will successfully fulfil this role because I have experience in Insurance, Human Resources, Recruiting, Project Management and Administration.
I demonstrate experience in delivering professional HR advice and solutions to managers and staff in an organisation including policy advice and interpretation, industrial relations, performance management, remuneration, workforce planning, organisational development/training, change and recruitment and provide effective an efficient communication to line managers, staff and volunteers on a regular basis.

I demonstrate ability to diagnose HR issues and to recommend and deliver appropriate strategies and innovative, I ensure timely and accurate preparation of paperwork and work effectively in a team environment. I have proven ability to work autonomously with minimal supervision and to prioritise multiple tasks to meet conflicting deadlines, to maintain confidentiality and build trust to deal with sensitive and difficult situations in a diplomatic environment.
I am extremely computer savvy, skilled with the Microsoft Office suite, HRIS & Knowledge of Power Point. I am eager to be in this Human resource role which I have a passion for, that challenges me, and demands the full extent of my creativeness. I am friendly and outgoing, self-motivated and extremely hard-working person. I am not afraid to take initiative and prove my skills and abilities. You will find me a fast learner and enthusiastic to learn as much as I can to grow and be an asset for your company. I look forward to having an opportunity to discuss my application and this position further with you.
Zane Rodgers
I am a dedicated management professional who has worked in a variety of environments enabling a wide set of skills to be developed to support any number of settings. Timely focus on meeting internal and external customer expectations in addition to proactive communication and diligence ensures I am a valuable member of the organisation

Work experience

Capability Manager (from July 2017 to February 2018)
My role included leading a national team of capabilities consultants who are responsible for the design and delivery of technical training programs. My role was key in the design and delivery of leadership and sales training supporting team managers.


Diploma of Life Coaching (from January 2017
Currently Underway

Work experience

Recruitment Consultant (from October 2016 to June 2018)
I am responsible for end-to-end recruitment of casuals and permanent staffs. Account managed 15 clients, and provided support for their operational and hiring needs.


Bachelor of Psychology (from June 2008 to March 2014)
Human Behavior, Industrial Psychology, and Mental Health.


Master's in Social Work (2018-2020) Federation University Australia, Ballarat
I am a true HR practitioner with excellent experience, solid skills and knowledge base in HR with a “can do” approach to deliver positive outcomes in support of the business, successfully demonstrated during my employment with Downer EDI, CKJV – Gorgon project, Activ Foundation and at Uniting Care.

I believe in being responsible for the smooth and profitable operation of a company’s human resources department. Typically, I supervise and provide consultation to management on strategic and operational plans, organisation development including design and charts, employee engagement programs, on-boarding, retention, compensation, benefits, training and development, budget, and employee relations.

My interpersonal skills are well developed and well suited for multicultural and diverse workforce, I am friendly, honest and instils confidence in people to approach me to discuss an issue, I listen and assist them were I can in a professional way and always regard the discussions as confidential between us. I’ve mastered the ability and understanding of the importance to be approachable and to listen what people including my colleagues, senior managers and external stakeholders have to say and contribute to add value to the organisation.
I have a strong record of achievement in design and implementation of multi-disciplined Human Resources divisions where I have demonstrated my ability to lead people, develop strategies, organisation development, policies and processes, system administration, management maintenance and enhancements of the entire suite of HR systems associated with payroll, rostering, establishment and recruitment, including the provision of HR system automated reporting; ensuring compliancy with legislation, industrial agreements, policies and procedures to support the operational needs and influence the strategic direction of the organisation.
Perform regular system audits, risk management and analyses to ensure accurate and on time availability of relevant HR data to the organisation. I am proficient in the direct development and implementation of organisational development programs, employee orientation and training programs, benefits plans, policies and guidelines, database management procedures, equal opportunity employment programs, employee records and documentation policies.

I was instrumental in the design and implementation of HR processes and internal controls to ensure accuracy and compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.

My professional conduct and leadership skills of integrity, respect, honesty, support, communication and collaboration and direction to my stakeholders and team members never failed me and I believe contributed to enhanced team activities, productivity and true business partnering.
I strongly believe in leading by example displaying my attitudes, ethic beliefs, practices and actions exemplify what I expect from others in the workplace. I am honest and forthright about any errors or misjudgements that I make, encouraging my team to do the same.
Therefore, my values and ethical believes will meet the standards of future employers and I am confident in demonstrating same as I have throughout my career. I place a high value on workplace health and safety and team work, cultural diversity and inclusion and coached many employees and stakeholders in the past.

In my role as a leader I focus on the following key factors:
• Direction by strategic thinking, establishing a shared purpose, encouraging team work and responsibility.
• Motivate commitment by inspiring confidence, team development, communication to motivate and empower team members, create collaboration opportunities and encourage personal excellence.
• Drive for results by prioritising work and set focus, accountability, influence stakeholders, encourage creative thinking and lead change to shape the culture.

During my career I was accountable for the successful implementation of many change and continuous improvement initiatives projects and listed some of my major achievements are:
• Change Management - Team leader of change management project for Human Resources - Target was to save 40% on baseline budget, achieved and maintained 45% savings.
• Accountable for the implementation of Pay Global Payroll System and new enterprise agreement for the Activ Foundation (2300) employees, including reports and process manuals.
• Implementation and management of Performance Management systems for various employers including a joint venture (1557 employees)
• Lead and manage large Human Resources teams for various employers. (End to end HR service delivery)
• Implementation of PageUp People recruitment system for Downer Australia West.
• Setup and implementation of a recruitment call centre for Downer Australia West (saved 2 weeks on ERMS processing time)
• Implementation and training of SAP Payroll and Human Resources modules (5400 employees)

Most recently while I was employed with Uniting Care West I was responsible for the day to day operations delivering a service to our customers and stakeholders and reviewed all HR related processes and payroll, policies, procedures including the performance management program and made recommendation to management to streamline and improve the communication and training process.

Recently I was the key stakeholder (Project Manager) at the Activ Foundation and responsible for the implementation of a new payroll system and a new EBA. I analysed the EBA and identified the changes that had to be made to ensure the correct configuration of the payroll system, prepared the test packs, reviewed policies and procedures and test results before implementation.

While I was employed with CKJV on the Gorgon gas project I was responsible for the implementation of a performance management system and performance reviews for both parties – CB&I and Kentz and trained, monitored and managed the review process for 1557 staff employees.

With a previous employer I was accountable for the implementation of a performance management program, training, communication and maintenance of the program for many years.

In a previous position, I was responsible for Industrial Relations and the lead negotiator accountable for the full scope of transitions activities, ER/IR and associated administration for multiple EBA’s.

I hold a BA degree in Human Resources Management with majors in:
• Human Resources Management
• Industrial Psychology
• Organisational Development
• Economics and Statistics

I also hold a post graduate BA Honours degree in Human Resources Management, Industrial Relations and Labour Law and have a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

I am a professional member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (CAHRI) and have full accreditation in the DDI behavioural based interview processes.