Petroleum Geochemist/ Geoscientist. Knowledge in basin analysis, petroleum systems, generation, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbon. Expertise on software for basin modeling 1D, 2D and 3D (Genex-Gentect, BasinMod, PetroMod, TemisFlow). Additionally I have worked with ArcGis, ArcView, QGis software for data base and maps. Expertise and experience on organic geochemistry, sampling and geochemical characterization of rock, oils and gas. I have some experience in reservoir geochemistry (C15-, compartamentalization, polar diagram).

Work experience

Geochemist/Geoscientist (from May 2006 to July 2017)
Petroleum Geochemist. Study of basin analysis, petroleum systems, generation, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbon. Using of software for basin modeling 1D, 2D and 3D (Genex-Gentect, BasinMod, PetroMod, TemisFlow). Additionally I have worked with ArcGis, ArcView, QGis software for data base and maps. Expertise and experience on organic geochemistry, sampling and geochemical characterization of rock, oils and gas. In some projects I worked in reservoir geochemistry (C15-, compartamentalization, polar diagram).


MSc Scientiarum in Geology (from September 2013 to April 2016)
Master dissertation: Hydrocarbon generation potential in Tertiary sequences through characterization and geochemical modeling 2D in the Gulf of Venezuela
BSc in Chemistry, with diploma in Geochemistry, (from November 1997 to December 2004)
Undergraduate dissertation: Basin Modeling 1D of generation and expulsion in Maturin Basin, Venezuela

Work experience



ARTS GRADUATION (to April 2004)

Work experience

Managing Director (from May 2014 to January 2017)
• Supervise all school personnel, directly and/or indirectly • Provide activities which facilitate the professional growth of the school staff • Ensure that instructional objectives for a given subject and classroom are developed and met. • Organize, oversee, and provide support to the various services, supplies, material, and equipment provided to carry out the school program. • Promote and maintain open communications and positive student attitudes • Advise school managers and teachers on various educational approaches and methodologies • Successfully implement school policy • Assist in developing strategic plans • Build and maintain an effective management team • Represent the school before professional associations • Take remedial action where necessary • Closely monitor the operating results against plans.
Instructor of English and Business Skills Trainer (from June 2008 to April 2014)
• Teach and train university students on Business English skills • Train university students on different soft skills (Presentation, Communication, Business Writing, Customer Service, CV writing and Interviewing Skills) • Evaluate trainees’ progress and advise them to overcome their weaknesses. • Conduct placement tests and oral exams.


Master of Business Administration (from November 2013 to December 2016)
I learned Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Arts, English Department (from September 1995 to June 1999)
I learned English literature and linguistics
If you are looking for a tiler motivated with a comfortable experience, you are on the right profile. I am versatile, enthusiastic and willing to work abroad. The fact of working for a big group always interested me as well as to gain experience abroad.

My experiences in different companies where I worked, helped me to understand complex situations and helped me to develop my creativity with independence and rigor within very different teams. Both for individuals and for businesses (pharmacies, exhibition halls, ...).

If you have any questions or to schedule an appointment for an interview, please contact me by mail (***** + click to reveal

Work experience

Tiles Setter (from February 2000 to January 2017)


CENAM Namur (Belgium) (from February 2000 to June 2004)
Tiles setter
Contact Information

The Church of Pentecost
Shekinah Temple Comm. 7

Date of Birth:
Mobile: *****70 + click to reveal / *****70 + click to reveal
*****52 + click to reveal / *****70 + click to reveal
E-Mail: ***** + click to reveal
***** + click to reveal

28th July 1973
To increase shareholder’s value and maximize profit through continual improvement, leading to safe operational efficiencies and maximum utilization of the available resources.
Career Objective
To avail myself to a challenging position that challenges my competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience.
Technical Strength
• Have had basic experience on programmable logic control (PLC), low and high voltage switchgears, star/delta starters, direct on line starters, liquid resistance starters, soft start starters, drivers, and, ac and dc motors, relays, contactors, sensors, temperature controllers, pressure switches, generators, compressors, , Extruders, thermoformers, Copper/ Aluminium drawing, Stranding, Annealing/Tinning ,Aerial /Wire bundling machines
• Experienced in identification and rectification of Automation /Controls problems
• Expert in plant Maintenance (preventive, corrective, breakdown maintenance etc.)
• Developed expertise in panel design, wiring and troubleshooting.
• Expertise in material cost estimate to reduce variance
• Have had hands on experience on various automation and instrumentation equipment and appliances in a typical production environment.
• Ability to work under pressure, long hours to achieve result without supervision.
• Willing to learn more on technical field and management skills.

Management Strength
• Have had adequate knowledge on inventory management and stock control
• Ability to work in a team and ensure industrial harmony to achieve set objectives.
• Effective management with available resources to save cost
• Ability to write management reports and present same within limited time constraints
• Ability to develop policies and procedures to enhance work outflow
• Ability to Manage third party contracts to meet deadlines and achieve set targets
• Expertise in budget preparation and presentation
• Ability to use Enterprise Resource Planning software to manage systems, example BPRS, ADONIX and ebiz frame


Maintenance Manager- Reroy Cables Ghana Ltd. Tema- June 2016 to Date
 Ensure effective application of safety management systems (SMS) include LOTO.
 Established safe working procedures in the area of responsibilities to keep the number of accident to the minimum.
 Ensure quality of machines maintenance is achieved to meet production target.
 Report weekly and monthly maintenance activities and breakdowns during management meeting.
 Ensure availability of spare parts using ERP (ebiz frame) system.
 Planning and execution of preventive, annual and condition monitoring maintenance program for all machinery and equipment in the factory.
 Manage existing and new project undertaken by the company.
 Outsource qualified contractors to service company vehicles, generators, and forklifts.
 Preparation of annual engineering budget.
 Prepare and submit comprehensive periodic report on all major breakdowns and indicating causes and solutions to the problems.

Electrical Engineer -Fresh Pak- Cape Coast- March 2015 to May 2016
 Liaise with ECG on billing and fault issues to ensure good power intake and efficient power usage.
 Installation of new Electrical and Electronic equipment and machinery to standard.
 Planning all electrical maintenance schedule's both breakdown and preventive maintenance to ensure minimal downtime on extruders, Thermoformers, reclaims, shape molding and other production equipment.
 Programming of AC and DC speed drives, programmable logic control (PLC), Controllers and other programmable devices on extruders and thermoformers.
 Liaise with the production department to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the machinery.
 Assign daily activities to electrical teams and ensure all electrical safety precautions are adhere to.
 Provide on job training for electrical team, production supervisors as well as operators where necessary.
 Ensure the effective usage of electricity in the company.
 Develop specifications and supervise the procurement of spare parts both locally and nationally.
 Supervise and used schematic diagrams to solve electrical problems on machinery.
 Prepare annual maintenance /spare parts budgets.
 Design and Build electrical circuits for new panels for production machinery.
 Report on activities and planned work schedule during management meeting.

Sen. Elect / Maintenance Engineer- Crown Cans Gh Tema April 2006 to March 2015
 Ensure effective application of safety management systems (SMS).
 Established safe working procedures in the area of responsibility to keep the number of accident to the minimum.
 Implementation of Log out and tag out (LOTO).
 Ensure that quality of machines maintenance is achieved to meet production target.
 Support all production lines to solve or troubleshooting electrical and instrumentation and PLC problems.
 Ensure availability of spare parts using ADONIX software systems.
 Ensure that preventive, corrective, annual and breakdown maintenance are carried out effectively
 Used production report manual to generate preventive maintenance.

Senior Electrical Technician Engineers / Acting Electrical Engineer - AGC-Obuasi July 2002 to March 2006 / March 2002 to June 2002

 Ensure that technicians team members are disciplined and fully understand all Electrical /Instrumentation circuits diagrams for power and control systems.
 Solve Electrical /Instrumentation problems on Drives, PLC (I/O), controls and power systems.
 Support Electrical Superintendent to coordinate shift pattern and manage staff.
 Involvement in planning and executive of preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, breakdown and annual maintenance.
 Providing training for Junior members of the team.
 Prepare shift report and ensure effective handover & Solve technical problems during shift.
 Worked on Compressors, Elution heaters, Burners, Liquid resistance starter, Air circuit breakers, Electro winging cells, Rectifiers, Kiln, CIL units, Biox, 11kv air blowers, wiring of electrical panels, transformers.
 Ensure proper training for technicians on shift to upgrade their technical knowledge to solve problems on time.
 Organize and manage breakdown effectively.

Electrical Shift Foreman- AGC - October 2001 to February 2002
 Initial training organize to understand the function of the machine's in the factory at AGC training school.
 Training on selection of cables, reading of circuit diagrams and support day members to carried out maintenance and breakdowns.
 Used maintenance schedule's to maintain equipment’s on daily basis.


Sept 2008 to Nov 2010 All Nations University College-Koforidua
BSc (Hons) Electronics & Communication Engineering
2nd Class Upper Division
Oct 1998 to Sept 2001 Cape Coast Polytechnic-Cape Coast
HND Electrical / Electronics Engineering
2nd Class Upper Division
Sept. 1993 to Sept.1994 National Service (JHS) Dunkwa-on- Offin

Keys of success
Integrity & Ethics, Leadership, Teamwork, Training, Recognition, communication, continuous improvement.

Training / Workshops Attended
1. Basic Programmable Logic Control (PLC) involving
• The Architecture of PLC’S
• Communication & Networking
• Instruction Set Programming
• Trouble Shooting on Basic PLC System

2. Advance Programmable Logic Control (PLC) involving
• Sensor Applications & Construction
• Choosing, Installation & Commission of PLC Systems
• Ladder Program Development
• Programming PLC’S

Management Courses

• Supervisory Skills
• Communication & Interpersonal Skills
• Leadership & Teambuilding
• Managing Time Management
• Maintenance Management
• Internal Quality Management Systems-QMS (ISO 9001: 2000)

Vice President: Sickle Cell Association of Ghana (Tema Branch)

Welfare Chairman: Crown Cans Ghana


 Cycling / Running
 Reading
 Listening to Gospel and cool Music


Mr. Eben Owusu- Badu Mr. Samuel Kwapong Mr. Alexander Asare
Crown Cans Ghana Ltd FreshPak Products AngloGold Ashanti Ltd
Head of Operations General Manager Electrical Superintendent
Processing Plant Processing Plant Processing Plant
Industrial Area, Tema Elmina Cape Coast Obusai Mines
Tel: *****86 + click to reveal Tel: *****65 + click to reveal Tel: *****15 + click to reveal
 Masters in Software Engineering with around 13 years of hands on experience in Software design and development. Worked with global renowned clients and IT firms.
 Strong commercial experience in design, development using C++, Python, AWS cloud computing.
 Worked with renowned global clients like IBM, Natus Medical Inc., Agilent, Nucleus Software, Johnson Controls International
 Have good exposure to end-to-end software project development using Waterfall and Agile methodologies.
 Possess excellent Analytical, Designing & Problem solving skills and excellent communication skills.
 Have 17 months of industry experience in security domain.

Work experience

Senior Team Lead (from June 2007 to February 2017)
1. Have working experience in Banking, Health care, Business Intelligence, and Security domains. 2. Interacted with client to discuss about requirements, enhancements, bugs and status of work. 3. Analyzed requirements, enhancements, and bugs reported. 4. Created data flow diagrams, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams using IBM rational rose and Gliffy tool. 5. Using Windows API's(Win32) programming created: - a windows service(Watchdog) to monitor continuously if the session is alive or dead. - a windows standalone(Watchdog) application to monitor continuously if the Hydra hardware is alive or dead. - a multi-threaded service to monitor file/directory changes. - a multi-threaded application to monitor/diagnose health of the patient. 6. Applied signal processing algorithms like Fourier transformations on signals received from hardware and converted the signal from analog to digital 7. Added/Modified code to fix GUI bugs using VB 6.0, MFC. 8. Added code to handle inflate/deflate functionality of the Hydra hardware. 9. Implemented a cost-aware VM Placement algorithm by adding a packing filter scheduler in Openstack Nova Grizzly. 10. Using standard conversion rules ported the 16 bit application to 32 bit application using MFC framework. 11. Have written a code to used firmware API's for remote control device. 12. Reviewed code of peers. 13. Created user stories in Jira and tracked them to completion. 14. Used bugzilla to track/log bugs. 15. Used VSS, SVN, GIT as code repositories. 16. Have exposure to Amazon Web services, OpenStack, Chef automation framework, Internet of Things(IOT). 17. Prepared and shared Weekly status report to client. 18. Using empirical methods estimated the efforts required for completing various modules. 19. Appraised people for provided them performance improvement feedback and for appreciating their good work.
Software Engineer (from January 2005 to March 2007)
1. Worked in Automobile diagnostic domain. 2. Analysed the requirements related to sensors and prepared RTT to track all the requirements. 3. Studied the application and its configuration details and carried out necessary changes to view the functionalities. 4. Added a new module to support displacement functionality. 5. Added code to read the frequency data from probe. 6. Modified the GUI to address the requirements (enabling/disabling of radio buttons) related to sensors. 7. Submitted the code for review. 8. Committed the reviewed code to VSS. 9. Performed unit testing of module. 10. As a core team member helped team members in understanding the application from technical & domain point of view. 11. Managed client interactions.
Associate Software Programmer (from February 2004 to January 2005)
1. Worked in Database domain. 2. Modified definitions to minimize the unnecessary consumption of memory. 3. Added Code to make them compliant with company coding standards. 4. Added modules to store the serialized output from buffer to file. 5. Added code to convert static object interface definitions from C format to XML format. 6. Carried out unit testing of modifications done to existing code of database server.


M.S. in Software Engineering (from July 2009 to July 2011)
Object oriented analysis and design, Data structures, Software Engineering, Database Design, software architecture, internetworking technologies, software testing, Network programming, Pervasive computing, Advanced operating systems, Network security, Data Warehousing
B.E. in Computer Technology (from June 2001 to June 2004)
Engineering concepts related to Computers

Work experience

NDT and Lifting Coordinator (from October 2014 to November 2017)
 Company : SGS, Pointe-Noire CONGO - Dates : 2014 – Till date Deliver exceptional office operations support to customers and Executive manager MANAGER ASSISTANT/ NDT AND LIFTING COORDINATOR. Orchestrate daily office processes and procedures to ensure seamless operations across commercial and technical functions. Write Operational procedures. Prioritize and maintain correspondence, document management processes and filling systems. Receive and respond to e-mails and calls. Coordinate staff and operations on the clients’ sites. Carry out NDT and Lifting inspection and reporting. Key Accomplishments: • Streamline workloads for clients by serving as key contact liaising with allied professionals as well as communicating with them. • Execute strategic processes for reducing interruptions to executive’s work days, prioritize and rank action items to meet deadlines while ensuring seamless daily operations. • Chosen to serve in a multifunctional role supporting several senior leaders; selected due to proven capacity for maneuvering multiple competing priorities while attaining all deadlines and goals. • Establish several new processes and procedures that reduce redundancy and optimize results implementing new technical systems to improve reporting. • Support continual team growth by training and mentoring new tea, members. Coach existing staff on utilizing office equipment to cut cost of resources and on optimizing quality through on site work strategies
QC Assistant (from May 2014 to September 2014)
 Company : FRIEDLANDER CONGO, Pointe-Noire : May - September 2014 QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT TECHNIP/TOTAL E&P MOHO NORD and SUBSEA 7 / CHERON LIANZI TOSIDE Projects: Ensured the good storage of welding material Verified the conformity of welding material (filler metal) according to the WPS applied, Verified the conformity of the fittings according to the WPS applied Carried out and constantly checking the pre-heat temperatures of the parts to be welded, Checked welding parameters of the welding machines, the filler metals temperature in the portable stoves and ovens, visual examination of welds, welding monitoring and Reporting.
NDT and Lfting Team Leader (from September 2012 to December 2013)
 Company : Connect NDT CONGO, Pointe-Noire : September 2012 – December 2013 NDT AND LIFTING TEAM LEADER Performed DS-1 and API Inspection of drill pipe, drill collars, heavy weight drill pipe, BHA tools, and inspection of new and used casing and tubing for Baker Hughes and HALLIBURTON, UT Wall Thickness on Boilers and Pressure vessels and lifting inspection for PERENCO.
NDT and Lifting Technician (from July 2007 to August 2012)
 Company : DTS MARLIER SA CONGO, Pointe-Noire : Juillet 2007 – Août 2012 NDT AND LIFTING TECHNICIAN CCU Inspection prior to Ship Loading at DEXP/LOG at TOTAL E&P Yard Performed MPI & DPI inspection of welded equipment and UT Wall Thickness on pressure vessels, pipings, Radiographic (Gamma Rays) Testing and processed Radiographic Films during refinery and plateforms shut-downs for CORAF and TOTAL E&P CONGO, MPI for SAIPEM (BOSCONGO) on KIZOMBA Project. Carried out Lifting & Lifted Equipment and Accessories Inspections


API 510 (from April 2016 to April 2016)
Pressure Vessels Inspection
NDT (ISO 9712, PCN Level 2 ) (from March 2016 to April 2016)
NDT (MT - PT - UT)
LIFTING INSPECTIONS (from April 2015 to April 2015)
CRANES (MOBILE & OFFSHORE), CCU and Lifting Gear Inspetion
SNT-TC1A (from November 2012 to November 2012)
LIFTING INSTECTION (from May 2009 to May 2009)
SNT-TC-1A Level 2 (from February 2009 to March 2009)
NDT (MT2 - PT2 - RT1)
MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (from October 2004 to June 2006)
A TEACHER by profession for almost 10 years
3 years of experienced in an office/clerical work
Loves to play volleyball, musical instrument (guitar)
Experienced handling people with individual differences.
Loves being with kids especially young boys since I worked as an educator in an all boys school for almost 6 year already.

Work experience

 I am a license Agricultural Engineer with experienced in Engineering design, planning, Auto CAD drawing, cost estimates, handled projects, managed department and handled operations. Expert in computer skills like Auto CAD software, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. A good character with honesty, integrity, self-discipline, teachable, perseverance, strong work ethic, responsible, good influence, positive attitude, proven track record and goal oriented. Excellent people skills, problem solving, effective interpersonal and excellent oral and written communication skills. Accustomed to long work hours and willingness to be relocated and travel. A team player with positive work ethics, flexible, congenial, client focused, enthusiastic contributor and supporter of team goals. Proven ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks in a challenging environment.

Work experience

Project Engineer (from August 2004 to February 2015)
Design, drawing in Auto CAD, plan, cost estimate and develop machinery, structures, equipment and systems related to agriculture and food processing.


Bachelor in Science of Agricultural Engineering (from June 1993 to March 1998)
Engineering principles, design and calculations, drawings and cost estimates in the field of agriculture.
An accomplished educational professional with 6+ years of experience as a researcher in natural resource economic analysis and economic valuation methods. Professional, creative, flexible with proven analytical skills with management experience from small projects to multidisciplinary projects. Recognized for prioritizing and completing tasks in a timely manner.

Work experience

Faculty member and researacher (from May 2009 to March 2017)
Economic analysis and report writing


Natural Resource Economics PhD. (from September 2007 to April 2011)
Economic valuation methods, Cost-Benefit analysis, Market analysis, Agricultural Economics

Work experience

Excavator operator (from January 2000 to January 2018)

Work experience

General Manager (from April 2014 to December 2017)
Organizing jobs, Rostar and Office Management


Bachelor of Maritine Engineering (from August 2008 to July 2010)
Civil/Structural Engineer with a professional experience in civil and structural engineering design and construction, computerize structural inspections, civil works, power projects, facilities and assets management system for Gas Plant, Flow Stations onshore, as well as offshore FPSO DED. Also experienced in fabrication supervision, inspection and dimensional control, production of assembly drawings, small parts shop drawings for fabrication and project control & planning.


University of Nigeria, Nsukka (from October 2000 to July 2006)
Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering