Hey there, I am Eden De Guzman. I am based in Strathfield NSW. Thank you for looking at my profile - Eden

Work experience

tiler n renovation


enggneering (from January 1992 to January 1994)


tiler lisence, boiler maker, panel beater
Looking for Cashier/ Receptionist/Customer service/ 7-Eleven job
I am Kajol Giri. I am 20 year old girl. I am living in Strathfield, Sydney. Recently, I am looking for job. If you have any vacancy.
Please contact me. I have experience in receptionist and customer service as well as retail. I am available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
If you are interested to provide me job, please email me and I will email you my resume and cover letter.Thanks.
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Wanted a job in the morning shift
Hi I'm Soni from Nepal, lives in Homebush West.
I'm looking for cleaner, kitchen helper or any related. I'm available from morning till 4 pm. I'm a friendly and really hardworking and passionate with my work. I am experienced as a cleaner at strathfield plaza. I am a team player with good communication skill . If given chance I will not leave single stone unturned to bring success in your organisation I have valid visa(student) and TFN. Hoping that you would consider me. Thank you!
I am looking for a job as a barista Hi This is DANA I am looking for a job as a barista. I used to work in cafes as sandwiches hand , cashier and barista in Australia. I had really many service job experience. I had studied English in the UK over than 1 year. I am confident about English If you are interested in me. please text or email me I would like to send a Resume. Or Let's make a arrangement for Interview,Training.
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Hi there i am looking for job in cafe Monday to Friday. I came from Melbourne. I have experience of working in cafe for more than 3 years.i used to do few breakfast in the morning and make sandwiches. I can do baking as well such as making banana bread, muffins, choc brownies, carrot cakes.
Hey there, I am Sujan Rai. I am a international student currently studying BIT in UTS.
i have been-working in the commercial kitchen for more than 2 years so i have got a good knowledge of food preparation following the recipe also i have got knowledge of doing service .

Currently, i am working in Fratelli Fresh (Italian restaurant) as a ladder chef.

Thank you for looking at my profile - Sujan

Work experience

ladder chef
prep and service (lunch and dinner)


Diploma in IT (from February 2015 to July 2016)
information Technology

Work experience

Trainee (from October 2017 to November 2017)
Assisted in bathing, feeding, walking, grooming, hygiene maintenance of elderly.


Certificate III in individual support (from August 2017 to November 2017)
Hi, I'm Ramila age of 21 from Nepal, I'm searching for the job such as waitress or customer service. Thank you!!
The Vein Institute was founded to care for patients with varicose vein disease. Using the latest and most innovative treatments from the USA and Europe means that The Vein Institute is able to offer surgery free treatments for patients. As part of a commitment to treating varicose vein disease, multiple clinics around Australia have been established.

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I am Monika Patel. I have experience in Aged Care. I have Certificate III. If interested Please contact me and I will send my resume for you to check it out.

Hey there, I am Kameshwar Vyakaranam. I am based in Homebush West NSW. Thank you for looking at my profile - Kameshwar

Work experience

OSHC assistant (from February 2016 to February 2017)
engaging with the kids,supervising the kids at all time,organising their foods , looking after their safety.


first aid, working with children check,child protection training.
Sales, Business Development - IT Software
Erika Salmon
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Croydon Ave., Croydon Park NSW 2133

Predominantly self-educated in computer skills, I am engaging in a double degree of Network Security and Data Infrastructure Engineering in 2018 at TAFE NSW (Meadowbank Campus). I am a highly-driven individual who frequently engages in her local community groups and interest-focused groups.

I am a quick learner and I adapt with little trouble to a change in work environment. I’m a very organized person who can easily keep up with deadlines and coordinate events, meetings and tasks both for myself and others. I can work both individually and as a team, being able to comprehend instructions and provide comprehensive and creative insight.

Computer Skills
• Programming (JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Node.js)
• Ethical Hacking
• Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications
• Website Development (HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails)
• Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)

Administrative Skills
• Highly organized, able to prioritise tasks and juggle multiple duties at once
• Adaptable to a multitude of work environments and demonstrate problem-solving
• Ability to follow instructions quickly and concisely
• Able to draw agendas, keep track of minutes and organise meetings
• Record-keeping and data entry in terms of files, equipment and supplies

Retail Skills
• Excellent customer service skills and able to resolve complaints easily and to a satisfactory level
• Fast with a cash register and excellent cashiering/cash handling skills
• Consistently polite and helpful towards customers, with a pleasant attitude
• Able to track and monitor stock quickly and easily
• Able to prioritise, delegate and juggle multiple tasks
• Able to keep a clean and organised workstation
• Consistently show initiative when it comes to procedures, packing products and helping fellow workmates and managers.

Event Management
• Coordinated small to large scale events for various organisations
• Gained necessary experience to engage in cross-cultural communication without incident
• Demonstrated managerial ability regarding time management, delegation of tasks and team building.
• Ability to draw up plans and contingencies
• Production and distribution of promotional material
• Customer service and persuasion

Project Management
• Demonstrated leadership abilities in directing and organising meetings to discuss projects both current and future
• Exhibited financial management skills in regards to tracking finances using accounting software, fundraising, cashiering and invoicing
• Expressed creativity and innovation when considering ideas for a future project
• Exercised public speaking ability when pitching ideas and offering conflict resolution

Research Skills
• Able to write comprehensive reports and articles regarding a variety of topics
• Able to research in depth
• Create comprehensive and appealing graphs and tables
• Able to present articulately and concisely about the topic

o Certification of Achievement for outstanding contribution to Australia 2020 in Transition from Education to Employment - AISEC, Feb 2016

o Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2016 – 2017) University of Sydney
Majors: Information Technology and Government and International Relations
o Bachelor of Network Security/Bachelor of Data Infrastructure Engineering (2018 – ongoing) TAFE NSW (Meadowbank Campus)

EXPERIENCE o Crew Member, Croydon Park McDonalds – June 2013 - Present
o Research Associate, Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance – July 2016 - Present
o Resource Director, Australian and New Zealand’s Students for Liberty – February 2017 - Present
o Secretary, Croydon Park Youth Committee – December 2016 - Present
o NSW Regional Coordinator, Australian and New Zealand’s Students for Liberty – August 2016 - February 2017
o Treasurer, Croydon Park Youth Committee – May 2016 - December 2016

o Volunteer, Volunteer Eco Students Abroad (VESA) Ecuador – November 28 - December 22
o Volunteer, Australian Libertarian Society – FRIEDMAN 2016 & 2017
o Volunteer, YOW – CTO SUMMIT 2017

References Available on Request

Work experience

kitchen hand (from January 2017 to April 2017)
i used to clean utensils and chop vegetables and help in other activities too.
Hi, I am professional carer/nanny and house sitter. I am flexible and available for work anytime.
My contact number is *****64. + click to reveal I have Cert 3 and 4 in Aged Care; Cert 3 in Childcare Services and Diploma in Early Childhood and Care; WWC and First Aide

Work experience

site engineer (from December 2015 to June 2015)
Solve technical issues
Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Adult Nursing.

I'm at a moving to Queensland by the end of August 2017 and seeking a community nursing position. I already have in principle AHPRA registration and a permanent residency visa.

I qualified in 2014 and after working in an aged care ward at the local hospital I moved into community care administering highly specialised nursing care to housebound patients.