Over 10 years CAD Drafting/Design experience (AutoCAD 2D & 3D, Revit, Solidworks) in different drafting disciplines (Mechanical, Structural, Piping), have knowledge in US, AU, NZ & JIS Drafting Standards and 3 years experience as Precision Machinist.

Professional History:

July 2016 - present

BIM Revit Modeller / CAD Drafter at CARDNO EMERGING MARKETS Philippines

3B 111 Paseo de Roxas Bldg., Paseo de Roxas corner Legaspi St., Legazpi Village, Makati City, Philippines

Duties & Responsibilities:
- Support the Team Lead / Project Manager with selected projects or components of projects to meet quality standards and timeframe targets.
- Working in collaboration with Structural and MEP Engineering design disciplines to ensure the integrity of the overall design.
- Ensuring effective communication of any changes / modifications on projects.
- Production of CAD design drawings, documentation and other technical work task to Cardno's Standard of specification and presentation in accordance with the project.
- Reviewing and ensuing compliance in the components of the project for which responsible.
- Liasing with the Design Engineers to keep informed of all the developments associated with the project.
- Assist and update the Project Manager on resource requirements and delivery status on all assigned projects.
- Train and develop junior staff in Revit/Autocad, Mechanical, electrical and Plumbing related engineering projects.
- Help manage and supervise the drafting and resources for successful delivery on all projects.
- Prepare high quality and accurate MEP Engineering Revit/CAD Models and drawing under minimum supervision.
- Being familiar with and complaint with relevant H&S regulations and promoting a culture of awareness within the team.
- Ensure Quality Assurance of each drawing produced.

Projects with CARDNO as BIM Modeller / CAD Designer

North East Link Early Works Project - North East Link, Melbourne, AU
Rowel has prepared the 3D Pipeline layout for the upgrade of NELP Pumpstation using Revit & Naviswork.

Tonga Schools Project - Various Location, Kingdom of Tonga
Rowel has prepared the Structural Plans & Detail CAD drawings for 39 Standard School Structures required by the Brisbane Office.

Nauru Port Development Development Project - Republic of Nauru
Rowel has prepared the 3D Modeling for the Site Plan of the Port Project for the Republic of Nauru.

Hyams Building Stairwell - Wakefield Street, Te Aro, Wellington, NZ
Rowel has prepared the Revit Modelling for the Stairwell Model of a 4-storey Edwardian Classical style Building from Point to Cloud reference using Navisworks.

Salamanca Station Point to Cloud Modeling - Salamanca, Wellington, NZ
Rowel has prepared the Revit Modelling for the Salamanca Cable Car Station using ReCap & Navisworks.

Seaview Wharf Point to Cloud Modeling - Point Howard, Lower Hutt, NZ
Rowel has prepared the LOD 200 Revit Modelling for the Wharf, topography import as well as other structures inside the vicinity using ReCap & Navisworks.

Victoria Place Point to Cloud Modeling - Majoribanks St., Wellington, NZ
Rowel has prepared the Structural Revit Modelling of a 3-storey Residential Apartment with 8 units from Point to Cloud reference using Autodesk ReCap, Navisworks & Trimble RealWorks as viewer and BIM 360 for collaboration.

Gladstone Hospital Emergency Department - Central QLD, AU
Rowel has prepared the Structural Revit Modelling for the reinforcement, slab, footings and section details needed for the structural drawings.

4 Storey Residential Point to Cloud Project - #3 Wilkinson St. Wellington, NZ
Rowel has prepared the Revit Modelling for the structural drawings of a 4-storey residential building from Point to Cloud reference using Autodesk ReCap & Navisworks as viewer.

Meals on Wheels Kitchen & Community Meeting Room - Wakerley, QLD, AU
Rowel has prepared the Structural Revit Modelling for the reinforcement, slab, footings and section details needed for the structural drawings.

Box Hill Brickwork Point to Cloud Project - Box Hill, Victoria, AU
Rowel has prepared the Revit Modelling for an abandoned brick making facility structures (which they plan to develop as a historical Landmark) from Point to Cloud reference using Autodesk ReCap & Navisworks as viewer.

Glasshouse Christian College - Beerwah, QLD, AU
Rowel has prepared the Revit Modelling for the structures as well as the reinforcement, framing plan, steel and section details needed for the structural drawings.

East Bay Water System Project - Manila Water, PH
Rowel has prepared the Revit Modelling for the pipelines, mechanical equipments and accessories as well as some structural modelling. He also prepares the CAD drawings of the Site, Piping & Mechanical Equipment Layout, Detail & Section drawings and also create and monitor the Xref drawings for each discipline.

Bundilla Connection Works & Karawatha Drive PumpStation - Unity water, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, AU
Rowel has worked on the Revit 3D modelling for the Mechanical Systems, Structural & Equipment Layouts and other Revit Families needed for the 3D representation of the pump station as well as preparing the CAD drawings of the Site, Piping & Mechanical Equipment Layout, Detail & Section drawings for the Pump Stations.

Moreton Bay Boys College - Manly West, QLD, AU
Rowel has prepared the Revit Modelling for the structures as well as the reinforcement, slab, footings and section details needed for the structural drawings.

APEC HAUS - Port Moresby, Papua New Ginuea
Rowel has prepared the Revit Modelling for the Convention structure as well as the reinforcements, structural and section details needed for the structural drawings.

Clontarf RED101 & Oysterpoint RED102 Pump Station Upgrade - Unity Water, AU
Rowel has prepared the CAD drawings of the Site, Piping & Mechanical Equipment Layout, Detail & Section drawings for the Pump Station Upgrades.

PNG and Lobby Air Niugini Apartments - Queensland, AU
Rowel has prepared the Revit Modelling for the structures as well as the lobby steel works, framing plan, structural and section details needed for the structural drawings.

Fielding Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade- Manawatu District Council, NZ
Rowel has prepared the As-Built CAD drawings of the Piping & Mechanical Equipment Layout for the WWTP and also drawings of the Site Layout and Piping layout, as well as Detail & Section drawings needed for the upgrades.

Waste to Energy Project for Marikina North, Makati South & FTI - Manila Water, PH
Rowel has prepared the CAD drawings for the General Arrangements on Site Development Plans, Vicinity Maps, Piping & Equipment Layout, Process Flow Diagram & Piping and Instrumentation Diagram.

Reference Design for MWCI's Future & Existing Used Water Treatment Plants - Manila Water, PH
Rowel has prepared the CAD drawings for the Structural, Mechanical & Equipment Layout, Site Development Plans and Vicinity Maps for the existing and future sites based on the new technology applied.

Aubinville Piping & Instrumentation Diagram - Aubinville, QLD, AU
Rowel has worked on converting the freehand sketches of P&IDs drawings from CARDNO Petone office to AutoCAD drawing files for various site STPs in Aubinville.

Maroochydore Coastal Sewer System - Unity Water, Maroochydore, QLD, AU
Rowel has worked on the Revit 3D modelling for the Mechanical Systems, Structural& Equipment Layouts and other Revit Families required for the Model.

May 2012 - July 2016


Unit 1507 Cityland Herrera Tower, 98 V.A. Rufino corner Valero Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines

Duties & Responsibilities:
- Attends project meetings and coordinates with the Designers/Engineers.
- Creates Project Schedules and designates the drawings to each member.
- Creates Parts, Detail, Assembly Drawings, Steel Material and Parts List (BoQ) for International Projects such as Steel Structures, Plant Machineries, Machine Designs etc.
- Monitors the Progress of the Project and thoroughly check the drawings of my members (Drawing Presentation, Fits and Tolerances, Welding and Finishing Symbols, Layering, Drawing Annotations, etc.) in accordance to Japanese (JIS) and Company (PB) Drawing Standards and for their individual Yearly Work Evaluation.
- Occasional visits on sites and fabrication companies overseas to check the status of on-going and finished projects or undergo different trainings.

Special Award: Perfect Attendance Award for the year 2014

Reason for leaving: Career growth, seeking new challenge.

Projects with PNSED as a Team Leader / CAD Checker / Mechanical Detailer

MA Project - Dust Collector Ash Processing Facility - Kimitsu Works, Japan
- Dust Collector Ash Storage Tank
- Processed Product Bunker

8ton Slab Continuous Caster (SL-CC) - Nakayama Steel Works Ltd, Japan
- Level Magnetic Field Mould

KNSS-Galvanizing, Annealing, Processing Line - Cilegon, Banter, Indonesia
- Pass Charging Device/ Upper Bypass Furnace
- Seal Device
- Connecting Device of CR Pass
- Maintenance Deck
- Furnace Shell
- Air Jet Cooler (AJC)
- Cooling Duct
- Touch Roll Equipment

JSW Steel DOLVI Works - Dolvi, Maharashtra, India
- Combustion Chamber
- Supporting Structure
- Hot Stove Valve Exchanging Structure
- Cutting Plan of Checker Brick
- Maintenance Deck

Kakogawa Blast Furnace - Kakogawa, Hyogo, Japan
- Rotating Chute and Conveyor Head Chutes
- Flow Control Gate Valve Actuator Unit
- Hopper and Gate Valve

Yawata New Continuous Galvanizing Line - Yawata, Kyoto, Japan
- Pre-Air Jet Cooler (Pre - AJC)
- Cooling Duct
- Wind Box

Yokkaichi New Comprehensive Waste Treatment Facility - Yokkaichi , Japan
- Combustion Gas Cooling Equipment
- High and Low Pressure Steam Header
- Ventilation Equipment
- Stack Inner Casing
- Sub Material Charging Equipment
- Sub Material Transfer Conveyor

Saga Prefecture Western Regional Environment Union Waste Treatment Facility (Energy Recovery Propulsion Facility) - Saga, Japan
- Combustion Gas Cooling Equipment
- High and Low Pressure Steam Header
- Daft Equipment
- Stack
- Sub Material Charging Equipment No.1
- Sub Material Transfer Conveyor

150㎡ Rotary Hearth Furnace(Dry-type) - Itabashu, Tokyo, Japan
- Rotary Hearth Furnace
- Furnace Seal Trough
- Exhaust Gas Treatment System
- Side Take Structure Deck
- Material Charger
- Structure of Material Feeder

Rowel has worked on all of these projects as a Team Leader / CAD Checker, he was responsible for attending project meetings and coordinating with the Engineers and Designers regarding the projects. He is also responsible for the works of his team members, checking all of their CAD drawings thoroughly according to JIS (Japanese Standard) and PB (Company Standard) Standards of drafting as well as monitoring the progress of each of his team members.
Projects with PNSED as a Mechanical Detailer

Komaki Iwakura Sanitation Association Garbage Disposal Facility - Komaki, Japan
- Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment
- Catalyst Reaction Tower
- Ventilation Equipment
- Stack Inner Casing
- Flue Duct
- Acceptance Equipment
- Input Door
- Dumping Box

BNA No. 3 Continuous Galvanizing Line - Baosteel, China
- Operation Deck & Pit Cover

AK Project Exhaust Gas Treatment System - Wakayama Works, Japan
- Flue Duct
- Smoke Stack

Rowel has worked on all of these projects as a Mechanical Detailer, He is responsible in production of Detail drawings , Assembly drawings, Steel Material and Parts List (BoQ) for International Projects such as Steel Structures, Plant Machineries, Machine Designs etc. that it should be in accordance to JIS (Japanese Standard) and PB (Company Standard) Standards of drafting as well as checking his own drawing before submitting it to the Japanese CAD Checker assigned and was promoted as Team Leader after several months.

October 2011 - May 2012

AutoCAD Operator / Designer / Draftsman at ALPINE SYSTEMS CORPORATION

Suite 304, Bel Air Bldg., Roxas Blvd. Malate, City of Manila, Philippines

Duties & Responsibilities:
- Coordinates with the Project Engineers and Costumers during meetings.
- Designs and details the Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping and Electrical drawings of a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).
- Check Projects on sites and draw the final As-built Drawing.

Reason for leaving: Landed a higher paying job.

Projects with ASC as CAD Operator / Designer / Draftsman

PLDT Hazardous Waste Management Facilities (various sites)

Belton Place STP (Makati City, Philippines)

S&R Pampanga STP (San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines)

Lumera Tower STP (City of Manila, Philippines)

Bali Oasis STP (Pasig City, Philippines)

The Grove by Rockwell STP (Pasig City, Philippines)

Meralco Plaridel STP (Plaridel, Bulacan, Philippines)

BLUE Residence STP (Quezon City, Philippines)

August 2005 - June 2008

AutoCAD Operator / CNC Operator & Programmer / Machinist at MICHEN TOOLING DIE CORPORATION

504 Halcon St., Boni Ave., Brgy. Malamig, City of Mandaluyong, Philippines

Duties & Responsibilities:
- Creates Shop Drawings of work-pieces needed to be fabricated according to the Engineer’s and Costumer’s preferences and standard.
- Fabricates work-pieces according to drawings measurements, finishes, tolerance, etc. using various shop machinery operation.
- Check if the items passed before sending to quality control personnel.

Reason for leaving: Went back to school.

Work experience

CNC MACHINIST AND MANUL (from August 2005 to March 2020)
Settup the machine tools for components as per drawing control the dimensions of components and vary operation I can do Grooving, Threading, profile turning.


CNC MACHINIST and MANUAL (from July 1994 to July 1998)

Work experience

Welder (from April 2018 to November 2019)
Skid for Food Industry


Education (from March 2012 to August 2012)
Industrial Welder

Work experience

Toolmaker (from September 1985 to October 2017)
Have worked in the Die Maintenance area with experience in Die Casting moulds and Press tools. Carried out Production Line trouble shooting and repairs as well as Die maintenance and repairs on the shop floor. Operate machine shop equipments such as Lathes, Mill, Drill, Grinders, Arc, MIG & TIG welding machines.


Graduated with Technician Diploma in Mechanical Technology.
Machine Shop Practice and Tool making


Forklift and Crane operation.

Work experience

TRADES ASSISTANT (from February 1995 to November 2019)
construction AND maintenance


cert 4 business management
how to run a business

Work experience

Tool jig and die maker (from January 2014
Maintenance and repairs of : ­ Injection and Blow Moulds ­ Blow Moulder & Extruder Head tooling ­ Press tools , Jigs and Fixtures Autonomous maintenance of Blow and Injection Mould & Extruder Machines & Service. Maintenance management and planning to ensure high levels of Overall Equipment Effectiveness and 100% machine availability Conveyor systems Providing technical assistance to production Quality assurance Ensuring a health and safe working environment through implementation of Safety, Occupational Health, Environment and Quality Management Systems. Experience: ­Fault finding and diagnostics ­Precision milling and turning ­Drilling, tapping and reaming ­Electro discharge machining ­Precision fitting and assemblies ­Precision grinding (surface, cylindrical and pedestal) ­Electro Discharge machining ­CNC programming and operation ­Hydraulics and Pneumatics. ­Basic Electrical Knowledge. ­Arc welding, soldering, brazing, TIG ­Fabrication ­Material selection and heat treatment ­Sand blasting ­Plastic Injection and blow moulding experience ­Press tools experience (sheet metal) ­Training and supervision of apprentices and trainees ­Providing technical advice to production and sales ­Root cause analysis ­World class manufacturing ­Quality assurance ISO conversant ,9001, 14001 , HACCP ­Data capture and Record keeping ­First Aiding ­Housekeeping ­Ensuring adherence to health, safety and environment regulations


Apprenticeship (from August 2007 to March 2012)
Tool, jig and die maker trade

Work experience

Business Development Manager Machine Tools (from October 2017 to June 2019)
• Developing and expanding of close business cooperation with key accounts and stakeholders • Providing of solution-oriented product portfolio in consideration with customers’ needs • Defining of necessary testing methods and specification sheets for products in direct consultation with customers and their suppliers • Finding of profitable solutions for efficient implementation of internal processes • Coordinating of financial expenses and human resources within the FUCHS Group • Organizing of exhibitions and fairs in cooperation with customers and fluid management • Continuous monitoring and managing of contractual objects under legal aspects and economic business goals • Finding of best product solutions in close interaction with customers, R&D and product management • Defining of marketing activities and methods for comprehensive customer support • Supervising and adjusting of price levels of different product lines on domestic and foreign markets according to political and commercial developments • Leading of customer negotiations and representing company’s strategy, philosophy, guidelines and goals to stakeholders • Creating of new sales channels and product placement for effective customer acquisition • Determining of market obstacles and resulting options, possibilities and goals
Area Sales Manager, Export Division (from January 2015 to September 2017)
• Coordinating intercompany export activities to 30 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, North- and South America • Assisting and advising customers in technical and economical questions • Analysing and evaluating export restrictions e.g. CLP, US-GHS and elaborating exporting solutions • Close collaboration with national and international OEM team, key account managers, product management, procurement, production, R&D, product safety and domestic sales • Investigating of obstacles and dispel doubts and barriers to enable efficient support • Monitoring and coordinating embargo restrictions in cooperation with affiliates and internal team • Compiling of prices within national export tax instructions • Operating and interacting with multicultural technical and sales teams • Screening as well as coordinating of cross-national sales • Identifying new customer potentials and setting up news business goals • Applying for new materials and private labels in collaboration with product management after survey of feasibility and profitability
Area Sales Manager, Export Division (from October 2010 to December 2014)
• Coordinating export activities to 25 countries in Asia and Europe • Training of sales teams in application technology, sales and marketing • Acquisition, maintaining and expanding of customer base • Maintaining and growing of intercompany business in cooperation with local management • Close collaboration with OEM sales team, key account managers and domestic sales in regards of business development and distribution • Maintaining and growing of private label business • Creating of sales, marking and distribution strategies • Market-oriented introduction and positioning of new products • Goal-oriented planning of export performance in a team • Analysing, controlling and monitoring of price trends on different markets • Observing of political and financial market developments and their effect on potential and established business • Planning and coordinating of internal audits • Contract review in close cooperation with legal department


Professional Trainings at company FUCHS (from October 2010 to June 2019)
• S.E.T. Sales Excellence Training (speech & argue training - convincing presentation) • Turbine oil symposium • Corrosion protection, cleaners, forming, cpx technology • Metalworking fluids and quenching • Metalworking Fluids for cutting & grinding, Metalworking fluids (advanced level) • Vehicle lubrication • Global Export Meeting 2011 & Global Export Meeting 2014 metalworking fluids, corrosion preventives, hydraulic oils, greases, engine oils, gear oils, automatic transmission oils, specifications • Cleaners symposium • FUCHS EU Training corrosion protection, forming and cleaners
Dual Studies on DHBW University - Project Engeneering (from October 2007 to September 2010)
Course of studies - Project Engineering Field of study - Technical Management at DHBW (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg) Mannheim, Germany with focus on sales management, mechanical engineering, business economics, technical management, management studies, marketing and project planning Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Bachelor thesis: „Revolution in the automobile industry – prospect and risks for lubricants“

Work experience

CHIEF ELECTRICIAN (from December 2018 to February 2019)
• Supervised the maintenance and repair of all electrical controls, drive systems, drilling instrumentation and cyber chair controls of a 2000 HP Cameron cyber land rig in compliance with the ADC-Schlumberger and ARAMCO HSE policies and procedures. • Administered the installation and Preventive Maintenance System (PMS) of all rig electrical components; oil and gas electrical related equipment and camp electrical facilities based on SAP generated schedules.
MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR / TRAINER (from March 2013 to November 2018)
• Managed the overall electrical and mechanical maintenance implementation of over 20 Million US dollars worth 1500-Horsepower AC-VFD land rig assets and Camp facilities equipment in compliance with the Company requirements and HSE standards. • Supervised the installation, testing, troubleshooting, and repair of AC and DC traction motors, AC generators, automated hoisting equipment, triplex pumps, UPS, HVAC, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) components, Variable Speed Drive (VSD) system, Rectifier components, Motor Control Center (MCC) panels, fiber optic cables and electronic components, Human Machine Interface (HMI), Ethernet switches, I/O modules, electronic sensors, solenoid valves, wireless equipment and electronic instrumentation. • Carried out Internet Protocol (IP) address system configuration on Ethernet switch, Human Machine Interface (HMI), I/O module and parameters configuration on ABB ACS-800 Variable Frequency Drive module and controls. • Developed a business case and maintenance repair plan for the equipment integration and conversion of a 750 HP land rig from Mechanical-Engine driven to Electrical-SCR driven system during the Company’s business joint venture project in Japan. • Headed the roll-out of Health Safety & Environment (HSE) procedures, equipment operating manuals & maintenance safety bulletins. • Facilitated in establishing the Company’s rig equipment FMECA (Failure Mode Effects & Criticality Analysis) risk analysis. • Administered lecture and on-the-job training on asset management for GDC Ltd. drilling personnel in Kenya. • Established rig equipment bulletins and developed a specialized maintenance lecture for GDC Ltd maintenance crew. • Carried out electrical maintenance and repair lecture for the Company’s in-house Accelerated Driller’s Course program. • Developed the 5-year maintenance and inspection plan of 800 Horsepower AC top drive system (NOV TDS-11SA). • Consulted in developing the rig preservation work instructions and equipment warm-stack maintenance plan procedures.
RIG ELECTRICIAN (from November 2012 to February 2013)
• Led the implementation of electrical maintenance and repair program for 2000HP AC rig equipment and camp facilities in compliance with the Company’s policies and Safety requirements. • Provided technical expertise on electrical troubleshooting of the AC top drive system. • Managed the troubleshooting and repair of electrical controls, rig instrumentation and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) system.
ELECTRICAL SUPERVISOR (from November 2011 to August 2012)
• Supervised the execution of day-to-day preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and repair activities for 2000HP AC-VFD land rig. • Established a rig maintenance and inspection plan. • Developed 1-year rig operation plan for electrical critical spares inventory. • Led the discussion of rig maintenance work instructions and manufacturer operating manual (OEM). • Designed and implemented a modification plans for the 1750 kVA rig generator cooling system to ensure reliability. • Supervised the execution of day-to-day preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and repair activities for 2000HP AC-VFD land rig. • Established a rig maintenance and inspection plan. • Developed 1-year rig operation plan for electrical critical spares inventory. • Led the discussion of rig maintenance work instructions and manufacturer operating manual (OEM). • Designed and implemented a modification plans for the 1750 kVA rig generator cooling system to ensure reliability.
SCR/VFD SPECIALIST (from March 2011 to November 2011)
• Supervised and ensured that the preventive maintenance and repair programs are carried out as planned and in accordance with the Company’s policy, OEM and drilling industry standards, and HSE policies and procedures. • Pioneered the rig equipment historical record system that was implemented in all the rigs of the company. • Designed a plan for the temporary conversion of rig automated pipe-cat unit to conventional v-door to support operational continuity following the requirements of the Management of Change (MOC) procedures. • Developed and implemented program for equipment integration testing as requirement to start drilling. • Administered on-the-job coaching to rig electricians and drillers on advance functions and parameters of the rig. • Established a 2-year rig operation plan for critical spare parts inventory for 1500HP Amphion-VFD land rig.
MAINTENANCE COORDINATOR (from November 2006 to March 2011)
• Planned, monitored and analyzed the maintenance activities and resources of six (6) mechanical rigs and two (2) SCR rigs. • Participated in establishing the winning bid documents for Lihir Gold Limited drilling project in Papua New Guinea that resulted to 726 million pesos revenue. • Supervised and accomplished on time fabrication of required drilling facilities for Papua New Guinea drilling project. • Prepared alternative cost efficient design and concepts for the fabrication, rehabilitation and refurbishing of rig equipment. • Developed and organized the OPEX and CAPEX annual budget based on the maintenance and repair plan of 8 rigs. • Consulted for the need of establishing rig warehouse critical parts monitoring system program. • Spearheaded the execution of preventive maintenance and repair plan for 2000HP DC rig. • Managed the major repair and refurbishment of 5-year cold stack 750HP Mechanical Engine driven land rig and supervised on-site contractors in delivering the planned maintenance activities. • Designed the electrical plan of DC rig drawworks eddy-current brake flow sensors and led the installation in the field. • Assigned in the rig to spearhead the field-based maintenance team in carrying out the maintenance and inspection plan of 1500HP Amphion-VFD Cyber land rig with NOV-TDS11SA top drive system in March 2010 to February 2011.
ELECTRICAL ENGINEER (from October 2005 to November 2006)
• Supervised and ensured the reliability and integrity of electrical facilities of the 84 kilometers North Luzon Expressway. • Provided technical inputs on the conversion project of generator set mechanical transfer switch to automatic transfer switch. • Led the electrical expansion projects of the company. • Established partnership of our Company with Electric Service Providers that resulted to faster response in case of power outages. • Proposed manning strategy by deploying personnel in strategic locations reducing the response time. • Carried out the maintenance and inspection of the electrical power, auxiliary system, safety and security system, and toll equipment.
ELECTRICAL SUPERVISOR (from May 2004 to July 2005)
• Managed the inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of 25-MVA substation components, 34.5 kV main distribution line, power plant equipment, wastewater treatment plant, brewery production plant and glass production plant. • Involved in the company’s expansion project of beverage production plant.
• Assembled and commissioned medium-voltage power substation related equipment in accordance with Operational Equipment Manual (OEM) and Electric Power provider requirements and standards. • Supervised a 5MVA, 13.2kV Substation Turnkey project and commissioned various medium voltage substation related equipment. • Carried out the installation and testing of substation power control and protection relay panel using MIF1000 GE software.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engneering (from June 1998 to January 2003)
Electrical Engineering

Work experience

Project Engineer (from January 2016 to January 2019)
Working together with the team during contract negotiation, review technical proposal from sub-contractors. Establish preliminary design and cooperate with sub-contractor to develop full design for Water and wastewater treatment system. Collaborate with other engineering department (electrical, civil, etc.) to complete the design. Establish bill of material and liaise with material suppliers to deliver it to construction site in a timely manner. Provide support for commissioning activities of Water and Wastewater treatment system after construction and installation. In addition, provide necessary document to apply permit for fresh water intake and treated wastewater discharge from the government.


Master of Professional Accounting
Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Work experience

CNC TURNING SETTER AND OPERATOR (from September 2001 to December 2006)


February 2019

To the HR Department

Dear Sir/Madam,

From 1996 to 2007 - my first two years of job experience in Euro-Med Laboratories Philippines Inc. (manufacturing Intravenous solutions, inhalers and oral solutions) was first assigned in the following areas, like water treatment plants, distillation plants, boilers, air compressors, cooling towers and chillers etc. Then later became a Mechanical Engineer in the Sterile Area and had been promoted to Senior Mechanical Engineer. I am aware and trained in preparation, operation, monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance of aseptic blow-fill-seal machines and cap welding machines. I am familiar with different Types of Rommelag Bottelpack German machinery such as bottelpack Type 302, 303, 314, 305M and Type 305 for 5ml to 1000ml pack size and ampoule size.

In addition, I also work in Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries Company (KSPCo) in Subhan, Kuwait from as an operator in the sterile area but during maintenance and troubleshooting I was also helping the maintenance team and presented or suggested some necessary or essential things to be done with the said machines. Aware and well oriented in a sterile area environment following GMP and SOP guidelines. The company also produces Intravenous solutions aside from producing syrups, tablets and capsules in blisters, one of the manufacturing companies in the Middle East.

I was also employed in Opto-Pharm Pte. Ltd., a medical device company in Singapore as an Assistant Engineer or Mechanical Engineer and later became the acting Shift Engineer. I was with the production staff during manufacturing and also with the maintenance personnel during troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and preventive or corrective maintenance of bottelpack machines. And also had an experience in operating and troubleshooting of other equipment in the packaging area. The company manufactures contact lens solutions using bottelpack type 302, 305M and with their newly acquired machine type 321 machine.

Therefore, I am more than willing to work and be trained for new career advancement that you would give me soon if you will hire me. Thank you very much and best regards and may the peace, grace and mercy of GOD be multiplied unto you and your company.

Sincerely yours,
Erle M. Rodriguez

Work experience

Mechanical Engineer, Machine Operator, Asst. Shift Engineer (from July 1996 to October 2014)
I did Operation, Adjustment, Fine tuning, In-Line-Cleaning, Mold and Vacuum Cleaning, Sterilization, Troubleshooting, Maintenance ( Preventive or Corrective ) and Innovation and planning with the Blow molding machine such as Type rommelag Bottelpack Type 302, 314, 305M, 305 and 321 machines.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (from June 1989 to April 1996)
Theories and Practical knowledge