Frequently asked questions

What does needu give me?

We want you to find the people you need. To achieve what you set out to achieve. So we made needu fast, easy and free. Our dream is to turn your search into a journey of inspiration and opportunity. On needu you can post an ad or your profile. We are Australia's free recruitment platform for SME employers. 

How is needu different?

On needu you can post as many free ads as you need - not just one or none. You choose the contact buttons on your ad or profile - CALL, EMAIL, SMS, VISIT or ONLINE - and get contacted the way you want to get contacted. You manage your online applications in a purpose-built dashboard and no longer drown in emails. And you get straight to jobs or profiles without wading through piles of old stuff and used cars.

needu is different in many small ways that together create a different experience. Sometimes different is difficult to put into words. Sometimes you just have to see and feel it.

Can I really post as many ads as I need?

There is no limit on the ads you can post. There is just one small BUT. Each position can only be posted once. So if you have several positions to fill, then you can post several ads. How is an advertised position different? It can be the same position in different locations or different positions in the same location.

How do I select a state for a position that is based overseas or online?

Just select OVERSEAS or ONLINE in the drop down menu for STATE.

What does SME mean?

SME means Small to Medium-sized enterprises with less than 250 employees. But that is just a rough definition. Some employers advertising on needu have a lot more than 250 employees.

Are you free?

needu is free to post, interview and hire. needu is free and will always be free. There are no strings attached. We just want to be useful. 

How do you make money?

We don’t and that is ok. We don’t eat much. We can go a long way with hard work and no play. So we are ok and just focus on helping you, giving you what you came for and surprising you with more than you expected.

How do I contact an employer or candidate?

Just click the contact buttons displayed on the ad or profile. If you apply to a job ad with an ONLINE contact button, we ask you for some details. We capture these in your profile to save you time. After that you just click ONLINE whenever a job takes your fancy. 

Can I attach a CV to my application?

In your profile you can fill out an online CV or attach a CV or both. You decide. And in your email you can attach a CV as well.

Why does my ad or profile have a photo I have never seen before?

A picture tells more than a thousand words. Ads and profiles with a photo attract more and better contacts. When you post your ad or profile without a photo, we lend you one. Until you get around to it. To give your ad or profile what it needs.

How do I change the photo I uploaded to my ad or profile?

You upload a new photo and your new photo will automatically replace your old photo.

How do I delete the photo I uploaded so my ad or profile gets a photo from your database?

This is actually more tricky than it sounds. We will build this feature, but for now please let us know and we will do it for you.

Do you work with job aggregators?

We are integrated with Adlogic, Broadbean and Jobadder so you can post all your ads on needu via your Adlogic, Broadbean and Jobadder dashboards. We also receive Jobadder's syndicated feed.

Where are you based?

We are based in Sydney and cover all of Australia. 

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