When To Search For My Au Pair

We had found our last au pair with little effort. But this time was different. Our ad got no response at all. Was it the text, the hours, the pay? Nothing had changed. We scratched our heads and shivered. It was a cold Melbourne day in May. A week of misty rain and grey clouds... and then it suddenly dawned on us.


How To Stand Out When All Seem To Offer More And Better

Finding an au pair is not always easy. At times it can feel like everybody is offering more and better and you struggle to keep up. How do you get heard in a noisy world when your voice is hoarse and you can't shout any louder? You whisper. If everybody else is shouting, you whisper.


What To Offer My Au Pair

When we hosted our first au pair, we were timid and unsure. Was the room big enough? Did we pay enough? What else should we be doing? We were keen to get this right. We kept asking other hosts until we got a better idea. Here is a short overview so you don't struggle with this question as we did.


Who Do I Need

It took us a while to find out what works best for us. Who do we need? Who is an affordable solution? No solution is ever perfect forever.


5 Steps To Write A Task List

We had it all agreed and sorted. Our nanny would do what we did when at home. Keeping the children entertained, preparing the kids’ lunch and keeping the play area tidy. We thought there was no room for misunderstanding.


7 Steps To Find A Great Au Pair

Between the two of us we have had 29 au pairs over 14 years. That is a lot of applications reviewed, interviews done and final decisions made. So you would think that by now we pick the right au pair every time and live happily ever after.


20 Words To Talk about Video Editing

As soon as you start talking about the edit of a video, you need editing terminology. We lacked those words and had to explain in long winded sentences what we meant. And often didn't even know what we meant or what options we had. We hope that this list will come in handy when you start talking about editing.


10 Thoughts About Web Buttons

Designing a web button is easy. At least that is what we thought. We didn't expect to spend days researching, talking and drafting ...buttons. A web button is a call to action. Buttons don't click themselves....