Read This Before You Become an Au Pair

Being an au pair is not always perfect. Nothing ever is. But being an au pair can be almost perfect if you navigate the hurdles. To do that you need to know what hurdles are out there. So you can prepare and don't get thrown sideways when they pop up.


Why Hiring an Au Pair Couple is a Bad Idea

You are desperately looking for an au pair. A couple applies or two friends or two awesome candidates and you wonder, "Why not?" It sounds so wonderful. You start to dream of breathing again and getting things done. So you hire them. And then reality sinks in.


How To Write an Au Pair Manual

Some host families don't need a manual. We never achieved this state of effortless serenity. We need lists and manuals. Most au pair hosts are like that. Most use an au pair manual. But what does a manual look like? What do you write or don't write?


10 Things We Learned about Audio

Audio is the most important aspect of a video - with great audio viewers will forgive you almost anything. But poor audio? Good bye. Audio is the area we struggled most with, made the most mistakes and spent the most time and dough on. To save you time and money, here is what we learned.


10 Ways To Supercharge Your English

Coming to Australia is a smart move. And doing an English language course is a great idea. It will teach you the basics. But being in the country and doing a language course can only take you this far. To really learn English you have to go beyond that. But how?


6 Reasons To Work While Studying in Australia

So you arrived in Australia to study, experience Australia and have a great time. That's good. You will achieve all this. Australia is an awesome place. But you could learn and experience so much more...


How To Find a Job While Still At School

I dreamt of having a job. But finding one was a lot harder than I thought. I didn't feel old enough. I felt like adults knew all and had it worked out. And then it dawned on me that....


How To Find a Job When New To Australia

Having just arrived in Australia as an international student can be daunting enough. Finding a job is even harder. At least I found it really hard. I didn't know where to start. I had no idea how to apply. And I was worried that my English wasn't good enough. So I tried anyway, made a few mistakes and learned the following 9 things.


What's It Like To Have An Au Pair

What's It Like To Have An Au Pair? To have a stranger living in your house? What if the kids love her more than you? What if she is French and really gorgeous and throws a spanner into the works? All these questions are covered in this very helpful, funny and entertaining video podcast by Mamamia.


Go Bush - Au Pair in Australia

You could experience so much more. You miss out on so much by limiting your search to the big cities. Here is my heart-felt plea to you to push for more. To widen your horizon. To seek adventure. To enjoy different. Here are 5 reasons why you should go bush.