10 Things To Love Or Hate About Trucking

I drive trucks. I drive for a living. I have been a truckie for most of my life. It has become part of who I am. I joined the Australian Army at 21, got my licence and trucked for over 10 years. When I left, I didn't think I would ever drive trucks again but somehow trucking followed me. It is who I am.


10 Websites To Learn More About Trucking

We started with the absolute basics. At the beginning we didn't even know what MR stood for. But slowly worked our way in. Spoke to truckies. Read blog posts. Asked lots of questions. And found these 10 websites really helpful to learn more about trucking and the Australian trucking industry.


How To Find Great Freelancers on Upwork

Looking for expertise on upwork is not as easy as it sounds. It is actually really tricky, takes a lot of time and a fair portion of just giving it a try and hoping for the best, especially if you have no expertise in the area you are hiring for. Here are 16 thoughts to consider when searching on Upwork.


Manage My Au Pair - Part I

There are as many ways to manage an au pair as there are hosts and au pairs. An au pair agency might give you a set of rules to follow, but this doesn't mean that these are benchmark or even make sense. It just comes down to what you and your au pair agree. Here is what other hosts think and do.


Manage My Au Pair - Part II

Like all relationships having an au pair is about giving plenty and taking enough. It is a fine balancing act that is not always easy. Here is how other hosts manage the soft fringes of au pairing.


My Au Pair Start Well

Have you ever heard of a family that started badly and then had the most wonderful au pair experience? We haven't. So far in our experience if it starts badly, it ends badly. So starting well is really important. But we all know that. The tricky bit is how to actually do it.


My Au Pair Part Well

Every au pair experience has a start and a finish. How do you handle the end? What do you do when it is not working out? How do you set the stage for a new beginning? Here is what other hosts do.


To Check or Not To Check - Au Pair References

Au pair references - to check or not to check? Every host runs into this dilemma. Do I or don't? We stopped checking references a long time ago. Are we sure this is the right approach? Not at all. So we asked other families what they do. This is what they said.


7 Thoughts About Male Au Pairs

Writing about male au pairs is tricky. Gender is a difficult topic. But the reality is that guys tend to find it tough finding an au pair family and many host families find it tough finding a female au pair. So connecting the two seems an obvious solution to this dilemma. We interviewed ten families who did just that. Here is what they said.


12 Reasons to Become an Au Pair

We enjoyed our au pair experience. We had an awesome time and came home with memories we treasure. You should go out and give it a go. Here are 12 reasons why.