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How To Find a 457 Sponsor

Last Updated 25 January 2017 - Created by Jan Twilight and Heide Robson

There are many ways to migrate to Australia. A 457 visa is a popular option . For this visa you need a sponsor (as well as the required skills and experience). But how do you find one? Who do you ask? Here are 10 ways to find a sponsor,

# 1    Ask Your Employer

If you are already working in Australia, ask your current employer whether they can sponsor you. This is by far your best chance to find a sponsor since they already know you.


# 2   Look for 457 Tags

Look for employers who specifically mention a 457 sponsorship in their ad. On needu for example we ask every employer whether they can offer you a sponsorship and mark those ads with a "457" tag.  That makes it easy for you to find them.



# 3   Ask When You Apply

Apply to jobs anyway that don't mention a sponsorship and ask during the application process whether they would sponsor you.


# 4   Go to Career Expos

Visit career expos to meet employers and enquire about a possible sponsorship. Career expos are organised by universities, industry bodies, cities and event companies. There are also Australian careers expos held overseas to attract skilled workers to Australia. Here are some examples but also google your specific industry for industry specific events - UNSW Career ExpoSydney University Career Expo - Melbourne University Career Expo - UQ Careers Fair - ACU Career Expo - UTS Careers FairAviation Australia - Medical Careers Expo - Victorian Engineering & IT - Career Expo - The Big Meet - Careers Expo - HSC and Careers Expo - Western Sydney Careers Expo - Skills West Expo.  - Australia Job Fairs with expos in the UK, Canada and New Zealand -  CPA Careers Expo with expos in Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, just to name a few.


# 5    Ask Around

Look for people on 457 visas. Network online and offline. Ask everybody you know and learn which employers and industries are currently sponsoring what skills. Apply to the ones that have sponsored people with a similar skill sets to yours.


# 6   Post Your Profile

Post your profile online and highlight that you are looking for a 457 sponsorship. On needu you can post your details and CV telling employers that you are looking for them.


# 7  Ask a Migration Agent

Migration agents usually get involved after you found a sponsor, but some agents are part of a recruitment agency, so they don't just arrange your visa but also help you to find a sponsor. Look out for false promises though. Sometimes the promise of a sponsorship is just used as bait. So check things out before you pay anything.


# 8   Ask a Recruitment Agent

It all comes down to what skills you got. If you have skills that are in high demand and on the CSOL list, recruitment agencies will find you a suitable sponsor. Search for agencies that are active in your industry and ask.


# 9   Ask an On - Hire Agency

Some recruitment agenciees hold an On - hire industry labour agreement (OHLA) with the Australian government, which allows them to recruit and sponsor you (if certain conditions are met) and then assign you to work for a third party. Your employer is the on - hire agency while you actually work for somebody else. On - hire is a form of labour hire but approved and supported by the Australian government. OHLAs are usually issued to agencies working in highly specialised technical fields and after a thorough review. Here are some agencies who hold an OHLA - Bayside GroupAurec Group - Entity SolutionsChoiceOne - Workforce Solutions - Genesis Recruitment Solutions - Peoplebank - AyersUnified Care

Footnote: OHLAs are template labour agreements which means that their terms and conditions are not negotiable. So each agency holds exactly the same OHLA with the Australian government and can not offer you more or less than any other agency with an OHLA.


# 10   Volunteer

If you are already in Australia, offer to do volunteer work using your skills. This will give you Australia specific industry experience and gets you out into the industry. It is not a longterm solution, but a great way to get started.


And a huge warning to end with: You might be asked to pay for a sponsorship (often US$100,000 or more). Such offers are illegal and might result in heavy penalties, imprisonment and / or a cancelled visa. It is illegal to ask you to pay for a sponsorship. It is not always easy to spot such a work visa scam though. Sometimes payment for a sponsorship is disguised as payment for legal advice, training, migration assistance or similiar and arranged by a third party.


So these are 10 ways to find a 457 sponsor. It isn't easy. Finding a sponsor is the hardest part of your migration on a 457 visa to Australia. But once you find a sponsor, everything else should fall into place. Have a great start in Australia.



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Disclaimer - Please take this post as general advice only, consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs and seek professional advice from a migration agent or lawyer, where appropriate. Australia's migration legislation is subject to change and can do so at any moment without prior notice - Julie Tariel (registered migration agent - MARN 1464837) reviewed this post on 20 November 2016.


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