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How To Become a Barista

Last Updated 18 August 2016 - Created by Marcus Lindblad and Max Meldau


What a chef is for a restaurant, a barista is for a cafe. Baristas play a central role in any cafe. But how do you become a barista? Is there just one path that everybody follows? Or are there many ways to get there?

Experienced head baristas and trainers share their experience and advice with you in this video - Produced by Marcus Lindblad and Max Meldau, featuring Laurie Holmes, Cameron Horsley, Michele Papa and Luca Melidoro at Sonoma, Bake Bar and Barista Basics - Music 'Broke For Free - Something Elated'  from the digital album 'Something EP' released 8 July 2011 -



Max - How can we become a barista? Where do we start? Let's ask. (Turns to Laurie) How did you become a barista?

Laurie - I started at school. Essentially we opened a cafe for students and staff alike.

Cameron - I started as a barista when I got a job at my local movie cinema - at HOYTS.

Michele - At first, I was a waiter. I started being a waiter in a cafe.

Laurie - I did a barista course from there and then basically practiced on students and staff.

Cameron - They got me behind the machine. They trained me up.

Michele - I went to do a course. I started pouring milk and then putting some shots.

Laurie - Finally here I am 10 years later at Sonoma.

Max - How should I get started as a barista?

Laurie - My advice to you would be quite simply just go down to a local cafe and start at an entry level position, so running the food and the coffee or maybe washing dishes.

Michele - There are two different ways to become a barista. The first one is to take a course. You can learn the basic skill of pouring and making coffee. The second choice is to start in a quiet coffee shop.

Laurie - Just make sure you look for a cafe where it's an open collaborative environment.

Michele - The team will start to teach you the base.

Laurie - Get the barista there to slowly but surely train you to become a barista and overtime you'll be one yourself.

Max - So, doing a barista course and on the job training seems like a great way to get started. See you next time!



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