How To Prepare for a 457 Sponsorship

Proper preparation prevents piss pot performance. This is true for your 457 visa application just as for anything else. So prepare as much as you can before looking for a sponsor. Here are 9 steps to do this.


Get 457 Sponsored BEFORE You Arrive

When should you apply for a 457 Sponsorship? Before or after you arrive in Australia? Here are 7 good reasons to look for your 457 sponsor BEFORE you arrive.


Get 457 Sponsored AFTER You Arrive

When should you apply for a 457 sponsorship? While you are still overseas or when already in Australia? It is better to apply AFTER you arrive and here is why.


How To Survive on a Student Visa in Australia

I did the maths and shook my head in disbelief. The numbers didn't make sense. How do international students in Australia survive? How do you pay for college fees and rent without facing starvation?


How Do I Go Back to Australia

Last year I spent 6 months in Australia and had the best time of my life. I left my soul behind. I need to return. But how do I go back? Here are the options I looked at.