The Life of a Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarding is not a 'glamorous' profession. Talking about transport we think of container ships battling wild seas but not of paper work, computers and frantic phone calls. I laughed out loud when I read this article. Sometimes you either cry or laugh. So let's laugh.


30 Words to Talk about Trucking

We laughed when we saw our first ad looking for Mr Driver. We thought they were being funny and we liked their sense of humour. But as more and more ads mentioned Mr Driver, we realised that MR Driver wasn't a joke. We were. So we did a crash course, teamed up with the experts and got hooked.


Heavy Vehicle Driving Schools in NSW

When you want to become a truckie or upgrade your licence in NSW, you need to find a heavy vehicle driving school. This list is to make it easier by giving you a link to heavy driving schools in NSW - sorted by postcode - listing their licences and course fees.


How To Become a Truck Driver in Australia

To become a truck driver in Australia is quite straight forward in one way. You find a driving school, sit the exam and get your licence. But the devil is in the detail. The process can be confusing. Where do you start? Here are the 7 steps to get there.


Registered Heavy Vehicle Driving Schools in Australia

Finding the right heavy vehicle driving school can be confusing. Which school? What fees? What licence? We tried to make this easier for you. Here is a list of 100 heavy vehicle driving schools in Australia - sorted by state.


Getting Started in Truck Driving

Getting started in truck driving isn’t for the faint hearted. At least based on my experience. There would be more ways to get started in this industry than there are ways to skin a cat. Getting the licence is the easy bit. Pay the money, do a couple of days driving around with an instructor and you’re away.


7 Questions To Ask Your Heavy Vehicle Driving School

You know trucking is your thing. You know the licence you are after. You got the cash (well sort of). Now you just need to decide which heavy vehicle driving school will get you there. Not the hardest thing in the world but still tricky. Here are 7 questions to make it easier to decide.


5 Ways To Finance Your Heavy Vehicle Licence

Going from no licence to a MC licence will cost you quite a bit of dough. For some this can be a real hurdle. Here are five ways to pay for your heavy vehicle training.


My Top 10 Pains in the Ass in Trucking

I drive trucks in and out of California going anywhere. Why would a Yankee have anything to say about trucking in Australia? Because we are in the same boat. Got a 90 mile stretch on Eyre Highway? Try driving from North Dakota to Canada. Got a hot day in the outback? Try California's Death Valley. Let's share notes.


10 Things To Love Or Hate About Trucking

I drive trucks. I drive for a living. I have been a truckie for most of my life. It has become part of who I am. I joined the Australian Army at 21, got my licence and trucked for over 10 years. When I left, I didn't think I would ever drive trucks again but somehow trucking followed me. It is who I am.