How To Become a Barista

How do you become a barista? Is there just one path that everybody follows? Or are there many ways to get there? Experienced head baristas and trainers share their experience and advice in this video.


What To Look For In a Barista Course

Looking for a Barista School in Australia? The good news is that you have plenty of choice. The bad news is that it can be hard to decide. What should you look for?


Who is Who in the Cafe World

In a small cafe things are easy to grasp. There is the owner with maybe one or two staff members. But larger cafes can look like a confusing whirl of activity. It can be bewildering to understand who is who, who does what and where you might fit in. So here is a rough overview of the Who is Who in the world of cafes.


How To Get From Zero To Barista Masterclass

On 13 April 2015 Australian Sasa Sestic won the World Barista Championships in Seattle USA. It was his 7th attempt. And it was exactly ten years after he made his first cup of coffee. How do we progress like this? How do we get from zero to barista mastership?


Barista Schools in Australia

There are over 60 barista schools in Australia in over 80 locations. That gives you a good range of options. Here is a handy overview of schools, locations and fees with links to websites, phone numbers and email addresses.